All Access: Exclusive Look Inside The Bucks Locker Room After NBA Finals Game 5 Victory

All Access: Exclusive Look Inside The Bucks Locker Room After NBA Finals Game 5 Victory

Take a look inside the locker room just moments after the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.


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43 Responses

  1. mars8254 says:

    If you don’t lose your voice Tuesday you ain’t a true dog. Giannis just politely gave us orders.

  2. Ma Ep says:

    We are going to be loud from Greece as well.
    Go Go Bucks.

    • kohana21 says:

      @Aegon Targaryen we know, we know , the whole world is full of Nigerians, that have never been to Nigeria and don’t even have any influences whatsoever from there.

    • kohana21 says:

      @Yann Miro I am Greek and my boy has been born in the UK. He never ever says that he is Greek and he doesn’t have the Greek mentality. We are going to Greece 3 times a year. The simple reality of this world, that is so so difficult for some people to understand, is that it doesn’t matter what the colour of your skin is, but what mentality and culture you have adopted. That is what makes you the person you are.

    • Ελπασινιο says:

      Buck’s in 6!!
      Veryyy louddd from everywhere

    • Βασιλειος Γκενες says:

      @Aegon Targaryen very Nigerian nickname you have 🤣

    • Kay Phenom says:

      @DayDropEmOff it ain’t over yet bruh. suns in 7

  3. Kagani says:

    Giannis out really here trynna break the loudest arena record

  4. Extra Hoops says:

    Let’s go Bucks, just one win away from your dreams, and win it for your fans, this is the moment of your lives

    • Jhause 9 says:

      Well said. I wish everyone could experience Milwaukee right now. This town is so lit right now 🔥🔥

  5. Charlie Lan says:

    If your 2x MVP says be loud you can bet your ass the whole state of Wisconsin gonna turn up.

  6. dray west says:

    This team has everyone in Wisconsin’s respect. We love this team. Like Giannis said, “Be loud”

    • josh huggins says:

      I’m from Canada and I’m going for the bucks. This team has a special chemistry and they all play hard and for each other.

    • Nick Giovanni says:

      @Waldo Sordo troll 😈

    • Waldo Sordo says:

      @Nick Giovanni Well Holiday is cool UCLA, Old school by guy Middeton but your playing a C+ team barely beating them not the best in the west. That center ain’t shit compared to old school centers. Not a troll keeping it real sorry your a puss.

    • Cristian Hernandez says:

      @Jean-Franco Jimenez come down to the Deer District and be apart of the crowd, you won’t regret it!

    • Just Jords says:


  7. Neqrue says:

    Gonna scream so loud that people from antartica gon hear me. GO BUCKS!

  8. Zenpaii says:

    Commander Giannis: Be loud.
    The whole Bucks Nation: Sir yes sir!

  9. Adam McFarlan says:

    Giannis be like : “Guys drink a lot of caffeine and come scream the whole game”.

  10. Nicholas Louie says:

    The Deer district is already loud, but imagine that Giannis told you to “Be Loud”. It’s going to be crazy in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

    • Natural Angie says:

      Yes, that’s means we’ll start making noise on Monday…

    • Jay Maledic says:

      Just please, don’t be like LA last year and don’t start any riots.

    • Matthew Pulizos says:

      @Jay Maledic lmao Milwaukee is gonna burn dude shit is gonna be crazy on Tuesday. Don’t park your car downtown and the city need to put that stupid ass trolly away otherwise that shit is for sure getting tipped over. Milwaukee hasn’t had a title in 50 years it’s gonna be wild

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