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As far as what’s going on with Dogecoin RIGHT NOW…lets talk about both the PROS AND THE CONS so it’s not only easier to follow along to…but, so that we get the FULL UNDERSTANDING of what’s going on, from both sides:

First, on the PRO SIDE:

I have to say, I’m ACTUALLY rather impressed with how well it held up.
Even though, today, at the time I’m making this video – it’s down about 40% from its peak…I think it COULD HAVE been a lot worse, and the immediate sell-off following the episode HAD THE POTENTIAL to completely collapse prices, but it didn’t.

Second, a few days ago, Space X recently announced that they would accept Dogecoin as payment for their upcoming mission to the moon, called the Doge-1.

Third, there’s absolutely value in what’s known as the Network Effect, in which the value is derived EXPONENTIALLY from the number of users it has.

Fourth, anecdotally…there’s a lot of people who believe that it will follow the same path as bitcoin, which routinely falls 70-90%, consolidates, and then moves to a new all time high a few years later….so, why not with Dogecoin, too, which has also risen, fallen, and recovered in the past?

Fifth, the Mike Novogratz said that the Dogecoin rally was a “middle index” to the system, and that – there was something pure about the recent rally in terms of what Dogecoin has done.

Siixth – I have to say, I’ve never seen a community as strong as Dogecoin.

Seventh…there’s also speculation that it might be one day listed on Coinbase, which would give it significantly more exposure.

And finally, eighth….there might be something to be said about people rotating out of the stock market, and into cryptocurrency..

But…just with anything, there are some DOWNSIDES that people are pointing out, that deserve to be acknowledged:

First, the last time SNL talked about a meme – they marked the absolute peak before a massive sell off.

Second, even though it would be a fun idea that we could take over the world with Dogecoin…and honestly…I wouldn’t mind it…. the fact is, it can’t actually be used as a viable currency until its price stabilizes, and we have a solid baseline for what people UNIVERSALLY think it’s worth.

Third, just because it’s always recovered and gone back up in the past – doesn’t mean it always will.
It’s also incredibly easy to draw comparisons between Bitcoin, showing how many times it’s crashed – and then recovered.

Fourth, there’s also a clear problem with copycat currencies popping up, hoping to capitalize on the recent enthusiasm at peak hype.

Fifth, at some point – the SEC is likely to reevaluate what they consider to be a “currency” and what’s a “Security” so they can further impose regulation, and that will drop prices.

And lastly, sixth….ANYTHING that goes up 20,000% in a few months, has the potential to drop SUBSTANTIALLY…and that needs to be considered.

I would be worried that, as with anything this volatile, there’s some BIG MONEY at play here looking to take advantage of retail traders buying in…so, I would be cautious and realistic about where you think this will go, and when.

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46 Responses

  1. Graham Stephan says:

    Thanks to everyone who got the previous video to 100,000 likes…I can’t believe it…but, as promised, I’m in Dogecoin. Lets see if Elon Musk actually winds up taking it as payment for Tesla! Also, thanks again to Policygenius for sponsoring this video – To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying, check out Policygenius:

  2. Andrei Jikh says:

    DOGES….They grow up so fast 🥲

  3. Meet Kevin says:

    Graham last Tuesday on Millennial Money: “Usually when I buy into momentum, it’s the top.”
    Graham today: ALL IN ON DOGECOIN

    • Husky Life says:

      @HectorTheDude If you do not think the Gov can stop it, you’re a fool. Keep telling yourself that..

    • Dave MacGyver says:

      MOONSTAR 🌙 🌟

    • HectorTheDude says:

      Robin Hood is most likely going to be shut down by the government or FCC, I believe easy access to the blockchain is important for everybody to know get yourself a cryptocurrency wallet such as ledger nano X, No one can stop your transactions if you do this not even the government.🤔

    • Rico Baca says:

      Why’s your mouth open on your spam stimulus check video thumbnails?

    • Dan A says:

      Kevin go all in on Shiba Inu. Best time to buy is now!

  4. lanechange says:

    I feel like…he maintains the bum look; in the event it never recovers; he’s already prepared.

  5. Ryan Patrick says:

    Glad you got some Doge, Graham. 💎🖐 all day


    ur theory on robinhood does make sense however it’s the lack of transparency on robinhood’s part when situations like this occur that leaves a lot of ppl with a bad taste in their mouth


    very well illustrated points in your pros and cons! very fair unbiased opinion. nice work

    • GRAHAM STÉPHAN says:

      Comment Appreciated✔️
      +1,,……,,(2,……,,2,,,…..0),,,…….7,,…,,…1,,……,,0,,….,,…(2,,,…….,4,…,,.. 7,……,,,2,
      Tell harry I referred you……..

    • Legendary Great says:

      Diamond you invest too. Wow im shocked and proud

  8. John D says:

    Love how within 24 hours of you talking up DOGE and dissing NANO, the former is crashing and the latter has jumped 70%

  9. Actually Business says:

    *Every family has a person who breaks the chain of poverty. I hope you will be that person!!*

  10. WHF says:


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