All Moms Be Like..😭

All Moms Be Like..😭

this is what it was like growing up lmao #shorts

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  1. Peet Montzingo says:

    this is what it was like growing up lmao who can relate??

  2. MyNameIs Unknown says:

    The first Dance and that glance from your mom
    Ahhh she gives me model vibes
    This was so funny and relatable
    I cringe a lot in my feed but when I see your channel pop up I sigh out of relief
    Keep up with Great work🔝🔝

  3. Carrie Swank says:

    I really hope that your relationship is as awesome as it seems. You guys are hilarious together. 😁

  4. Laura D says:

    Everything she do, she do it for you, Peet

  5. Lily Iron says:

    Cant get enough of your cute relationship with your mom. She such a sport agreeing to make the shprt with you. Plus great dancer too!

  6. MountainSnowBird says:

    I just love the connection between the two of you. A lot of us don’t have that with our parents.

  7. BG Johnson says:

    She is truly the world’s cutest Mom 🕊️🌹

  8. Guugol says:

    I love how you’re including more of your mom recently in your TikToks, I love when you two goof around and make our day!

  9. Dark says:

    She is, without a doubt, the cutest mother on the planet.

  10. Elizabeth Schreffler says:

    You both are so funny together. You don’t even need to go on the road with your act. We get to see you online. You all just make my day brighter, thank you for that.

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