All New Pokemon in Indigo Disk & Shiny Locks – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC

All New Pokemon in Indigo Disk & Shiny Locks – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC

Every static encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2, The Indigo Disk is shiny locked.

Official Playlist of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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0:00 Shiny Locks
3:42 New Pokemon Indigo Disk

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42 Responses

  1. @FutureTono says:

    My hype instantly dropped, I was really looking forward to shiny hunting the legendaries.

  2. @coffeeproblems5780 says:

    I love how respectful austin is towards spoilers and those who wish to avoid them. 🙏

  3. @braydon2464 says:

    Pokémon never fails to disappoint us. Can’t wait to get these shinies through some code, and won’t have my OT /s

  4. @AceBoySmokey says:

    And we were all so excited to hunt the legendaries…

  5. @TrevorNickell says:

    Welp… There goes 90% of my hype for this DLC.

  6. @kelseywilliams9616 says:

    It does make a lot of sense with Diplin having another evolved from. What gave it a way was it could use eviolite

  7. @Him_15 says:

    Austin how do you put these videos up so fast and get them edited so well. Good job

    • @uk2klsu4evr76 says:

      Cuz he’s had the DLC for prolly a couple days by now so he could have some videos ready for release day

    • @Niapori says:

      @@uk2klsu4evr76 he said in the video it was slightly past 8pm which is when it was released, and said he had the alolan pokemon after only playing like an hour

    • @uk2klsu4evr76 says:

      @Niapori  he said how long it had been released and how far he was. He didn’t say that was how long he had been playing. He said 8:53 in the video and released this an hr after it’s release. It’s 7. 10 hrs ago is 9. Released at 8. U don’t start filming a video an hr after while at the same time uploading it an hr after the games release

  8. @ArmourTV12 says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate pokemon never fails to dissapoint us

    • @RoyArkon says:

      LMAO speak for yourself, I don’t care about Shines at all, so I’m not disappointed by the slightest.

    • @thekosgator7502 says:

      ​@@RoyArkonOkay? It’s still for everyone else who wanted to shiny hunt them, you lose nothing either way, but everyone else does

    • @RoyArkon says:

      @@thekosgator7502 Yes, for everyone who wanted to shiny hunt. Which is why I said “speak for yourself”.

    • @psybovine says:

      @@RoyArkon Speaking for themself *and everyone else who shares that opinion*. I’m of the same mindset, this would’ve been months of extra longevity + streamers giving Game Freak countless hours of free advertising. There’s no functional reason that makes sense for them to shiny-lock older legendaries.

    • @ArmourTV12 says:

      @@RoyArkonI understand if you dont care about shiny mons i know some people who dont but pokemon knows the shiny community is large honestly fucked up of them to acknowledge and tease us with that shiny lucario and not shiny locking pokemon in DA all of this hype was just wasted feel like a middle finger from GF

  9. @C1aYalC says:

    My man does not stop grinding. Deserving of all the success that has come your way.

  10. @cnfanldealt3 says:

    I think it’s pronounced “Peach-a-runt”, since “Momotaro” means “peach boy”. And I think it used Poison Puppeteer to revive the Loyal Three through Kieran.

    • @necrobach4854 says:

      I think pecha is correct considering the berry that heals poison and it’s supposed relation to the 3. Dunno. Not played. Came out at a stupid time

    • @Joel-wx7zk says:

      The poison chain on the three and what makes the poison type correlates to Peacherunt toxic mimicry ability and how it grants wishes to Pokémon and people in order to enslave them to do its bidding.

    • @Nosretep says:


    • @shoebaby says:

      we all know it’s based on momotaro but pretty sure pecha is correct since, idk, pecha berries? and pecha berries themselves are based off peaches?

    • @necrobach4854 says:

      @shoebaby  and it’s poison and pecha is to do with poison

      Finally someone on the same page as me.

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