All That Will Ever Be | Bel’Veth Cinematic – League of Legends

All That Will Ever Be | Bel’Veth Cinematic – League of Legends

Let the Lavender Sea take you.

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Video created in collaboration with DIGIC Pictures.

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Bel’Veth – Universe Page

Bel’Veth – “Message to the Prophet of the Void” Teaser

Bel’Veth – “Message to the Eye of the Void” Teaser

“The Call” Cinematic

“Warriors” Cinematic

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35 Responses

  1. RossBoomsocks says:

    The idea that her “head” is just a decorative piece of her body to lure in prey, only to reveal that she’s a predator – and the void fish swarming around the area – meaning Bel’Veth is basically a void Anglerfish is so cool I love her

  2. Gumbino says:

    thank you Belveth for ending the one shot meta.

  3. Selz Wergej says:

    Love the Lovecraftian vibe she’s giving. Also, as people have pointed out, her lips not moving the way they should makes her seem even more inhuman, I love it!

  4. Saltyfish546 says:

    All bel’veth comments aside, I just love how beautiful that void looks. The ocean mixed with voidiness. So pretty

  5. Rado Sam says:

    This was one of the best trailers. The way everything folds and moves, the unnaturalness of it all. The way kaisas mask was removed from her face, the way belveth has a fake head to seem natural to the voids prey. It’s just very cronenburgish

  6. FantaGuy says:

    Imagine fighting her as a boss on LoL MMORPG.

  7. Duy Pham says:

    Kai’sa is looks like a monster but when her face has ripped off, it shows a human inside. Meanwhile Bel’Veth is looks like human but when she rips of her “face”, that’s a monster inside. The moment they both reveal their true self made me a thrilled. Brilliant !

  8. Julia Red says:

    I love how every single lore piece in League of Legends individually has the potential to create a whole new world/franchise.

  9. Bonnie says:

    I love how there’s so much life within the void despite being portrayed as a dangerous wasteland

    • EndlessTrash says:

      @Scaileanna it might be that the void is nothingness but the parts next to reality has alot of “life” because bits of reality fell in.

    • CutCutado The Ogre says:

      Funny thing: That’s not the void.

      Read Bel’Veth’s bio she is her own thing, unlike many voidborns

    • Scaileanna says:

      Well to be more accurate that is just void corruption on runeterra, unless they change the lore with her the void itself is literally that a void of nothingness where existence isn’t and sentience is not aware

    • Toby Easterbrook says:

      It’s life in the same way WH40K Tyranids are life. Sure, they are alive and have some neat ecosystems going on, but the entire thing is heavily invasive and exists only to consume and destroy other ecosystems.

  10. Chris says:

    This was dope ngl. Riot should totally make a show. Oh wait, they did. Well then they should do another! Or ten!

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