All The Details You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

All The Details You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Stranger Things just released the trailer for the third season of the hit Netflix show. In it, we get a glimpse of where some of TV’s favorite characters, now entering their teenage years, are heading next, including Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Will (Noah Schnapp). We also see crowd favorites like Jim Hopper (David Harbour), Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), and Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

The trailer gives us clues about when the season takes place, new characters, and important locations, like the Starcourt Mall. From start to finish the trailer is filled with nods to the time period, from songs from “The Who” and “Mötley Crüe,” and toys from the ’80s. We also get small details that are important callbacks from seasons 1 and 2 that may be important for the upcoming season. And it appears that Eleven is still obsessed with Waffles.


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All The Details You Missed In The Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

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109 Responses

  1. Mia B says:

    The minute the trailer came out I was ready for this video ?

  2. Stranger Things says:

    I love stranger things

    (As you can see on my profile)

  3. Justin Y. says:

    use me as a “kill me button”

  4. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction says:

    Its here, time to watch season 1 and 2 again to catch up

  5. TheFatFreeTruth says:

    Nothing else matters now. Do you hear me? Nothing.

  6. Fernando Ballinas says:

    Who is mad because it’s coming in a couple of months but happy because it’s coming out?Ive been waiting so much for this

    Like if you love Stranger Things
    Thanks for the likes hope you all have an amazing day and achieve your goals

  7. Kim Jong-un says:

    Those are some strange things

  8. iipxnda says:

    I bet I’m going to finish this season is Two days and cry for season 4 ???

  9. Clare Grace says:

    You missed something big. Eleven falls into a tub, she is near water. She is always close near water. There is also that glimpse of electricity, which is blue instead of yellow as it is normally betrayed as. “When blue and yellow meet in the West” sounds like the Wild West, Eleven is this blue, coming from a dark place, and the yellow, the electricity that keeps that blue alive. Blue and yellow seem to be key themes in this season. You see it all over. Electricity and water are like enemies. Could Eleven be the blue and the Upside down be the Yellow? Like a Rodeo in the Wild West which seems to happen all the time?

    Edit: The case of the missing lifeguard…. Feels like something that would have to do with Barb….

  10. Sumayya Abdul Rahim says:

    Somehow I miss the hairless ele..

  11. MRFM978 says:

    There’s a title called The Mall Rat probably those rats at the end are going to the mall idfk it’s a good idea tho

    • Z Z says:

      Could also be a reference to 90s cult classic

    • seth perea says:

      MRFM978 oh wow you are such a genius i can’t believe you connected those dots ? i would never have guessed that ? you are the reincarnation of Einstein ?

    • Crystal Thomas says:

      In the 80’s teens who frequented malls were called Mall Rats. Cool 80’s nostalgia.

    • Rob Fraser says:

      Malls, or shopping centres as we call them in the UK, were the go-to place for every teenager in the 80’s. Not to buy anything, we just went to sit around the food court being dicks towards the security guards. You see this in lots of 80’s movies and the Kevin Smith movie Mall Rats was a homage to that era.

    • Person Person says:

      I hope Brodie Bruce makes a cameo

  12. Finn Fish says:

    Stranger things is my life

    So don’t let eleven die

    (This will be the best season ever)

  13. Faith Does Random says:

    What happend to Dustins pearls?

  14. Sehar Mehmood says:

    No one has noticed that Dustin’s front two teeth are missing!!????

  15. Mr.Slipz says:

    10 things you missed in the stranger things trailer 3.

    Well I damn sure didn’t miss the multigorgan

  16. Jayden Williams says:

    I’m calling it…..

    The Thing On Billy’s Arm Is Based on the Episode (The Bite.) And the Monster At the End Of the Trailer Is Billy.

  17. Suncho says:

    i’m kind of disappointed
    the blue hair tie was given to Eleven in the previous season. she was wearing it when she went dancing with Mike

    • Suncho says:

      +fox girl world you mean commas? I don’t think a coma would help here.
      I haven’t checked, but I think a new line has a better separation value than a comma.
      technically I forgot a period, not a comma.

      @Loz yeah, first time I noticed it, i almost cried.

    • fox girl world says:

      +Suncho yes, comma. Forgot another m?

    • seth perea says:

      fox girl world dumbass

    • Rob Fraser says:

      +Suncho ​ I don’t think you could forget a period any more than you could forget a coma, both entail significant chemical changes in the body that can leave a woman grumpy.

    • Suncho says:

      +Rob Fraser I wondered if I should make a period-coma joke… Glad I’m not the only one

  18. Jade Johnson says:

    Eleven is already wearing the blue band on her wrist during the dance at the end of season 2.

  19. Taylor Renegade says:

    I just love the fact that El and Max seem like besties in this. They didn’t really get along last season, so this makes me really happy. I know we all love the stranger things boys, but I’m excited for some teen girl bestie hangouts in this

    • Liz A says:

      kat I agree it seemed so forced, considering el didn’t even know the word ‘promise’ or what a friend was I doubt she’d be so outright rude to max, and also it struck me as odd that she cared about her appearance so much when she’d literally been isolated from other children/the influence of beauty standards forever and thus probably wouldn’t give a shit …? Idk

    • Lara BIankin says:

      Liz A yes I guess el just didn’t think very rationally, because he seemed fine she thought maybe he’d forgotten about her? But I do agree it was kind of forced

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Sorry but youre wrong. Completely realistic. You bring up mike being a jerk to max as if eleven ever knew that. The first time she saw mike in s2 or max (she knows NOTHING about them at that point) they were alone together in the gym. Mike seemed happy without eleven around and she felt replaced. It isnt just a romantic thing these are 12-13 year olds they dont have the level headed thinking of adults. And like the other commenter said, she has very little time exposed to kids and social situations. She isnt gonna handle them the same as someone who wasnt poked and prodded and treated like a lab experiment rather than a person. That would change everything about you if that was your background because we are all products of the enviornment around us. You’re trying to make something out of nothing. Could they have written it better? Yeah for sure but thats a completely realistic option. These writers and directors know more about elevens character and its depth than you do.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Also women are jealous of each other all the time so the fact that you are trying to pass off the scenario as unrealistic and sometbing that doesnt happen is bullshit. I could name 5-6 incidents in my life that show how jealous women get over barely anything, im sure many of the men in the thread could tell you similar stories. Seems like youre reflecting these characters on your own personal traits. They arent you.

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      How does not knowing two random words a year ago have any correlation to reasoning on why she’d be jealous over max? She is not social and has been very limited in that area due to being isolated or treated like a lab rat her whole life. She had real affection for mike and thats the first time she felt that way and has been desperately trying to see him and the first thing she sees is him smiling and laughing alone in the gym with max and she felt replaced and forgotten. For one, shes a 12-13 year old and has shown in the series she is not always in control of her emotions. And then shes a girl so her first instinct is to act on emotion. So no, not knowing the words “promise” and “friend” over a year ago has no relevance to how she treated max. You guys gotta actually think from anothers perspective before criticizing the writing

  20. SAK.Dance says:

    I am upset that there will only be 8 episodes though.

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