All the Marvel Movies in 7 Minutes

All the Marvel Movies in 7 Minutes

Here’s everything you need to know before watching “Avengers: Age of Ultron” — we’ve saved you the trouble of catching up on the continuity from the previous movies, TV series, comics tie-ins, and DVD extras.

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20 Responses

  1. Rizki Indra Ruyani says:

    wow, awesome!
    thanks :D

  2. sosthetruth says:

    That was a pretty good summary, lol. Love the connected Marvel
    Cinematic/Television/Comic Universe. Can’t wait for “Age of Ultron” &
    everything that comes after!!!

  3. Ericka Lourenço says:


  4. DragonInferno says:

    6th comment? Shit hasn’t hit the fan yet

  5. DragonInferno says:

    This shit is awesome… take my babies…

  6. Slender Unfurdoom says:

    My head is num

  7. Austin Pino says:

    You gotta mention the infinity stone from Guardians!

  8. Titus Parker says:

    How many infinity stones are there in total?

  9. MadisonPhilly Berlin says:

    spoiler? quicksilver dies,hulk gets lost in space,vision saves their ass
    and Tony and Clint retire.

  10. E - Money says:

    Lol, that was incredibly spot on. I knew I wasn’t crazy for thinking that
    these movies were very simple.

  11. HD Prodigy says:

    and how do u know what happens,and its obvy that the evil robot will go to
    where capt mericas shield was made so he can make himself out of it so hes
    badass spoiler

  12. Frostbreath24 says:

    This will be a great movie but I personally wouldn’t go out my way to see
    this in a movie theater. I can wait till it comes out on redbox in like 5
    months haha.

  13. Gareth Ronaldo says:

    The only thing I needed to know is that even a seven minute resume of this
    stupidity would get me bored after two minutes, and would give a fuck and

  14. Tracey Kong says:

    TMI aka too much information.

  15. NewBurger says:

    Wha? Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch volunteered themselves to be experimented
    by Hydra which gave them ability? Aren’t they the son of Magneto & gifted
    since they were born? sorry for my english

  16. Arturo Solis says:

    Awww but they’re suppose to be Magnetos kids :/

  17. Kelly6758 says:

    11 movies total… and none with a female heroine… lol. Marvel, you’ve
    failed your audience.

  18. CoolestCatInTown says:

    Cant wait to pirate it.

  19. McKenzie855 says:

    Great video

  20. hardwirecars says:

    wtf quicksilver and the scarlet witch are not mutants in this??? fucking
    marvel why are yall ignoring your mutants!