All the nasty things inside a pimple

All the nasty things inside a pimple

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20 Responses

  1. Tee Raw says:

    Deez nuts

  2. Benjamin Yu says:

    Remember when this channel use to talk about tech?

  3. Lit_cxsar says:

    Honestly I’ll still pop it

  4. Robert Moto says:

    Fuck you acne

  5. Kaneki- Kun says:

    ive popped so many pimples, i have lots of scars.

  6. UltimateMOAD says:

    Why only me? I’m tired of seeing perfect skin everywhere..

  7. LikeMyMemeYT says:

    Shit I should probably stop licking the juice up

  8. Raul says:

    i hate pumping a pimple….but what shall i do ?…leave it alone and wait for it to dissapear ?

  9. Chamidu Perera says:

    I hate been a teenager!!! Wtf…,,???

  10. Harris 117 says:

    So if I can’t pop my pimple, what do I do then to remove it? Someone please help me out here ??????

  11. Jill's Sandwiches says:

    Who wants a sandwich?

  12. jayroc460 says:

    drink water
    eat clean (less process food) more fruits
    put natural coconut oil on your skin every night
    get some sun
    don’t use soap (use a natural one or just a scrub)

    and u aint got to worry about no bitchass pimples no more. only way you gonna get some is by stress.

  13. Aiman Qureshi says:


  14. Abdo Kaboobie says:

    Put some gloves and keep poping

  15. SandwishGaming says:

    0:26 tiny sex ?

  16. The State Central Business District says:

    i hate being a teenager because pimples and school ruin my life 🙁

  17. Noly Poly says:

    Anyone else on accutane?

  18. EIDnext Week says:

    What the hell do you mean stop popping pimples? I’d rather have all that “nasty” shit you guys describe out of my face than inside it. Once I remove all that puss, my pimple starts to actually heal and only leaves a scar. I don’t know what is it with society all telling us not to pop pimples… lmao just want my money for your products

  19. Steven Dawood says:

    Just pop it

    It feels awesome
    Im not weird

  20. Onionbagel says:


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