All You Can Eat BRAZILIAN STEAK BBQ Buffet in New York

All You Can Eat BRAZILIAN STEAK BBQ Buffet in New York

You can never go wrong with steak, but you know what’s better than steak? A FOREST OF MEAT!!! Meat lovers around the world, join me at one of the most mouth-watering Brazilian BBQ Buffets in New York!

The restaurant

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20 Responses

  1. Jacqueline Tan says:

    Who else is eyeing the card whenever Mikey forgets to flip it over to red haha

  2. Love Loveyy says:

    Are you a transgender man?

  3. Natasha Domingo says:

    This is really what heaven looks like. I’m a meat eater. I can’t live without meat. So I’m like u I’m a meatatarian. So if I ever go to New York I need to go here

  4. Erika Ellaine Alabata says:

    You should try filipino food

  5. Morgan West says:

    In a fancy place looking non fancy xD

  6. AlexGummyGoat says:

    10:57 you almost made a MISTEAK

    i had to..

  7. Rafael Nunes says:

    Brazilian BBQ steakhouse in NY is better than in Brazil…

  8. guy soumah says:

    What is world hunger when you can eat unlimited amounts of food?!!!

  9. Wolfpack Airsoft Michigan says:

    Where does he put it all!!!!!

  10. Ru ru says:

    I need this place in my country lol

  11. Arno H says:

    What is the temperature in NY right now? oO

  12. Mandy Ho says:

    ‘Aw, you went red on me’ I LOST IT 😂😂😂

  13. Shadowwing1994 says:

    I don’t even eat meat XD But I always enjoy seeing you enjoying your food it’s facinating

  14. SoYouWanna says:

    Price of a Brazilian Buffet? $100 a plate

  15. Andrea Meira says:

    If you loved this try to go to an original charcoal Brazilian barbecue buffet,these eletric broilers are not so good…

  16. chad evan says:

    I pray for you’re arteries

  17. Cy Cg says:

    The trick is to sample everything the 1st round; after that, stuff ur face wit ur fav choices! ; }

  18. TheAmazingFirehawk says:

    Is this jackie chans son?

  19. sebastianzx6r says:

    These places are great. The best thing to do is don’t get anything from the salad bar. Screw that. Just eat meat until it’s sweating from your skin pores.

  20. Aulia Azziawaty says:

    i love ur show, mike.. mybe u need some upgrade with how u shoot moreover in the kitchen part coz sometimes out of focus … u should have your own TV show coz nobody explain food like u <3

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