All You Can Trump Buffet

All You Can Trump Buffet

Stephen knows talking about Donald Trump is terrible for him, but it just tastes so good.

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20 Responses

  1. HonorAmongScars says:

    If this is what the Late Show is going to be like from now on… I’m going
    to be watching it every night starting with tonight.

  2. Iron Charioteer says:

    So glad you’re back, Stephen!

  3. Anthony Pirtle says:

    He’s gonna Trump himself into a diabetic coma.

  4. vrbas29 says:

    +blacklibertea party We ‘liberals’ are not clueless, and we are the only
    ones really against these ‘free trade’ deals with Mexico and China and the
    TPP and TTIP. All the Republicans are for these except Trump, and without
    over 85%
    of GOP support in Washington, Obama, a Wall street corporate Democrat like
    Bill and Hillary Clinton, would not be able to pass them just like Bill
    Clinton with NAFTA and China, as most and about 85% of Democrats and real
    liberals like Bernie Sanders, Sherrod Brown, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer,
    Elizabeth Warren, Alen Greyson, and so on were and are and voted against
    all of those, just like they were against the Iraq war and the Patriot Act
    and against Wall street bailouts and against Wall street deregulation and
    Glass-Stiegel, and on the right side of every issue.

    That’s why I do not support Hillary and support real MLK and RFK and FDR
    democrats and liberals like Sanders and the rest there. But all that does
    not mean that we insult and denigrate regular Mexican people and
    hard-working Latino immigrants and even the Mexican government like Trump
    and the Republicans do. It’s our own American ‘patriotic’ multinational and
    large corporations who have and are sending over 6 million and all these
    good working class American jobs to Mexico and China and out of America,
    with the help of almost the whole GOP and some sellout corporate Wall
    street Democrats like the 2 Clintons and Obama. So if you want to denigrate
    and insult anybody for our problems, insult those guys, not regular Mexican
    and Chinese people.

  5. Tony Stark says:

    Conan is the king of late night 

  6. AIRburst95 says:

    Trump is mad at Nabisco because they moved a factory to Mexico? I’m still
    getting over the fact that Sara Lee is owned by Bimbo, it’s Mexican parent
    company. Meanwhile companies like Casique are located in California. Its
    all backwards…

  7. Blanc Paldon says:

    Good point about motives. I heard he might pick Mitt Romney as a running

  8. Claiming Light says:

    So… I dealt with the hummus thing. And I recognize that CBS has to pay
    the bills. But holy crap, is this an infomercial? Because I have no problem
    with infomercials- I just don’t watch them.

  9. bandrukesucks says:

    We should all buy Hydrox and put the Mexican Oreo out of business. Maybe
    then Nabisco will change its mind. Then again there are those other
    imitations that are way better than Hydrox.

  10. Jonathan Mendoza says:

    Butthurt closet racists .. butt hurt closet racists everywhere.

  11. kman1357 says:

    This is too great

  12. Andrew Rong says:

    how is this different from his old show on Comedy Central???

  13. anshul sanam says:

    I love Stephen

  14. CreekMonsters says:

    I see a great future for this show

  15. thescowlingschnauzer says:

    Politics is show biz for ugly people. Ladies & gentlemen, Mr Donald Trump.

  16. bangem andleavem says:

    homos just doing a bad john stewart imitation.

  17. Greg Cantelli says:

    And conservative’s head’s collectively explode because the brilliant
    Colbert is reaching a wider audience.

  18. Tmathh says:

    keepin that satire strrrrrrrrrroooooooooooong

  19. Tmathh says:

    LMAO on the hair comment

  20. Wolfgang Von Strucker says:

    ja, trump is za shit!!! Ve nazis love him!!!!!