Alleged road-rage killer arrested after 3-day manhunt

Alleged road-rage killer arrested after 3-day manhunt

David Desper, 28, turned himself into police and was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 18-year-old Bianca Roberson, according to police.

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20 Responses

  1. Rasheed Miller says:

    I bet a thousand dollars that they’re gonna say that he was crazy

  2. belle mcellis says:


  3. I like Tumbleweeds says:

    Why is this in trending

  4. Liemciemdk89 says:

    enjoy prison now you can brag about how you killed someone with your glock

  5. Chitown rillas says:

    This was premeditated murder he look racist incest inbred son of whore half dead muthafucka needs to get a life sentence this is a hate crime you muthafuckas on ABC will say that just like fox news that was a hate crime

  6. Spacing Potato says:

    How is this on trending with less then 500 views

  7. Hu Kares says:

    Fuck this motherfucker.

    (Euphemistically, of course)

  8. nicholas ford says:

    How is this trending with so little views

  9. Lil Trump says:

    Wow I hate this pussy.

  10. Fernando Torres says:

    Another bernie supporter ?

  11. J-Jeaze says:

    in case people are wondering this video is trending for race baiting purposes. not for views.

  12. Noirfiddle says:

    He’ll probably get off or plead and get 6 months in jail. White Privilege

  13. John D Gates says:

    The US society is so fucked up that when there is a white on black crime, they have to specify that it wasn’t a hate crime.

  14. Alexander brown says:

    If it was a Black man that killed a white girl it would not make the news!

  15. Vincent2wice says:

    This man is a coward.
    1. He chose to have road rage with a female who is much smaller than he is.
    2. He chose to use a firearm against an unarmed person.
    3. He allowed something as common as road rage to get to him and react in a hostile manner.
    4. He left the scene and hid for 3 days.
    5. He surrendered with a Lawyer.

  16. ibnul sadek says:

    920 views and trending? Fuck off youtube

  17. Prem Sawari says:

    white christian male. of course

  18. BEN SAEED says:

    Black’s killing thousands of black and white people every day but we ain’t seen it on the news or the trend it’s not good for the propaganda

  19. Talcum X says:

    Black people do this type of shit on the regular and people don’t get this outraged.

  20. Danny Freeman says:

    Fuck all y’all. I literally knew this girl. I saw her last month. She told me how she was going to Jacksonville College. She told me she was going for criminal justice. But you fucking assholes just whine and say it’s about race! MOST OF THE FUCKING ARTICLES CALLED IT ROAD RAGE. This guy killed an innocent girl. But all you pieces of shit just make it about what race she was or how if it’s was vice versa it wouldn’t make the news! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

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