Almost 15 Hours Later And With No CGI, This Holds Up as the Best Way to Post to Reddit

Almost 15 Hours Later And With No CGI, This Holds Up as the Best Way to Post to Reddit

and i truly, truly wish it weren’t

hey Show More and mobile folks. the thing about this is that, unlike buzzfeed, it can change at a moment’s notice. all people have to do is stop upvoting things that are nostalgia bait. because the thing about posts like that is they’ll never run out– you’ll be watching the same videos for 15-30 years. and that’s literally what’s happening out there. cheers

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30 Responses

  1. Phil Jamesson says:

    fyi this is from my stream, which you can follow by clicking this link. i’m sorry to report it does feature cgi (in the games i play)

  2. lil water pump says:

    Almost 7 decades later and the legendary “perchance” Mario essay still holds up as my favourite tiktok video. Amazing job Bill!

  3. Cid L Dearpine says:

    Honestly, the “no CGI” remark, as weird and baffling as it is, probably helped the post a lot. There’s a trend in guerrilla marketing where you just, like, say weird stuff or intentionally fuck up grammar or spelling, because people responding asking for clarification or to correct you. So the “no CGI” but probably got a lot of commenters asking, “what the fuck does CGI have to do with anything?” And likewise with the error about the age of the video. The post likely would have been less successful if it were just a straight ahead, normal title.

    • Justin Ok says:

      I think the “no CGI” stuff introduces a lot more conversation. Offering your audience more vectors for engaging in a conversation is a good way to make sure people start taking.

  4. Twenty Seventh Letter says:

    What a fucking achievement to successfully analyze the mood of an entire subreddit to engineer the perfect all-time highest rated post within a day, this could legit go on a marketing résumé tbh

  5. Agnes Nutter says:

    The secret to enjoying reddit is to unsubscribe from all the default subreddits and subscribe to interesting ones instead 🙂

    • TowerOfCheesa says:

      Like r/anime_titties

    • degayify says:

      the “interesting ones” are equally as bad and their way of talking and thinking spills over to anything. Just a bad site in general

    • bennitori4 says:

      Sadly, that’s the way Youtube has started working too. A lot of the biggest Youtube channels are fluff and filler. The best part of the Youtube experience is usually in the small to midtier channels.

    • toasterbread75 says:

      Exactly front page is just hella propaganda from bots and meta posts.

    • quinnersley says:

      It’s true. If all you’re doing is scrolling the front page and default subs I feel terrible for you. The real meat comes from the masses of subreddits for your hobbies and other interests… Nothing to do with celebrities and nostalgia. The front page is known to be shit for a reason!

  6. MTGandP says:

    This is gonna be big on reddit. reddit loves talking about how terrible reddit is

  7. Cola says:

    The comments asking why you mentioned the lack of CGI leading into entire debates about the use of CGI in music videos is amazing.

  8. Ruji says:

    Trying to psycho-analyze reddit is like trying determine the color of all cats.

    Which probably would make a great reddit comment because it’s a reaching analogy that mentions reddit and cats

  9. Maciek300 says:

    I saw that reddit post earlier today and was like “again, /r/videos with these stupid baiting titles and repetitive posts” and moved on and thought this vid was going to be just a streamer complaining about the same thing but oh boy was this unexpected lol.

  10. tomatoanus says:

    lmfao i love going to check /r/videos and seeing it still at the top right now

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