Alot better than eating food from Uranus.

Alot better than eating food from Uranus.

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20 Responses

  1. flexor212000 says:

    I just have to ask wtf was he talking about when he read the “games of the
    night”. What the hell kind of teams are those? “Accelerated Physiotherapy
    vs Kodiak Chrome”?

  2. pikachulover88 says:

    He is both the hero we need…
    And the hero we deserve.

  3. Dario P. says:

    ”that sounded better in my head” is written all over his face

  4. andriuchaMetal says:

    Lol’d at reaction at 0:34

  5. Kurt Wuffner says:


  6. Anh Kiệt says:

    it is somewhat funny the first time he said it… i want to shove a donkey
    in his mouth after the second

  7. Ronald Yoder Sr. Entertainment says:

    I once eat a chocolate pie which had been place on a woman behind. I am not
    proud of it but I did it because I was hungry at the time. That woman
    became my wife and she probably would not like me to say too much, but the
    pie was delicious!

  8. John Galantini says:

    Saying ‘er’ immediately after delivering a joke gives the impression you
    are moving onto another bit of the material, and flatters the audience into
    thinking they are clever to have gotten the joke so quickly.

  9. Ross Otto says:

    lol the look on his co-anchor faces! lol i wonder how long he worked their?

  10. guardianjuan says:

    this literally made me want to watch the news more often… you should give
    him a raise

  11. Atom Man says:

    Sexual Harassment!

  12. Zaelle says:

    Liked and favorited.

  13. John Andrew says:

    Reporters trying to be comedians has become a thing now. Report the murders
    and car accidents and shut up!

  14. david wakefield says:

    YES! lol

  15. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    Asstronauts eating lettuce from Uranus? Now that’s what I call tossing

  16. richter85 says:

    No Regrats

  17. NaTaS X says:

    Sounds like he’s already tossed a lot of salads on Uranus.

  18. Jeremiah Hamilton says:

    Hoist him on shoulders ✊?

  19. Ryan Ewer says:

    Mothus Dawes Hotties?