Alpha Males Do Not Exist

Alpha Males Do Not Exist

Turns out alpha wolves are just…devoted parents.

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20 Responses

  1. tehDmez says:

    I mean 20% of men have sex with 80% of women, if that doesn’t mean about 1/5th of males are alpha then I don’t know what does.

  2. Redsteel 9 says:

    Those D&D players seem like assholes.

  3. TheSBled says:

    This really isn’t well researched. There’s various species where the alpha concept completely applies. Silverback gorilas for example.

  4. Mr Nipponson says:

    Still waiting on one of these smartass edgy comments to actually prove the video wrong

  5. nautilus686 says:

    Funny even in their own example they show that assertive aggressive get their way and lead. Alpha males is a term for someone who is confident and assertive some can be aggressive but that’s more style really. The girls explanation was correct, i saw nothing she said to be wrong. This video argues semantics more than anything.

  6. Whatslovegottadowith says:

    NO I’M AN ALPHA! I voted for a man that sues comedians over jokes because he is also an Alpha! I enjoy buying those Super Male Vitality pills from Alex Jones while calling others Beta!

    Seriously though how many of you guys have seen comments like this video presents for the past 2years now especially? It’s fucken cancer. No arguments no nothing just “You’re a cuck! You’re a beta male!” It’s fucken sad. It’s mostly promoted by people who like the Infowars guys. As I mentioned before he sells Pills and other things to help make you manly. Alex Jones has dangerously stupid fans. His fans have harassed parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims before. Also one of his fans took a gun to the Pizza shop that the Pizzagate conspiracy was pushed about. You know the one where a Pizza shop without a basement was somehow hiding children in it’s basement.

    However as they will let you know they are the real Alphas living among betas. Keep buying those water filters Alex Jones sells, because you don’t want the tap water to turn you gay. Stay woke dumbasses.

  7. LolGuy says:

    I am just a male. Normal human male.

  8. Helmut Schparkle says:

    This is leftist revisionist horseshit.

  9. Patriot Power says:

    Their videos used to be funny

  10. Trump University Graduate says:

    Even if “alpha males” were to exist among humans, they wouldn’t be dumb, overly aggressive meatheads who feel threatened by femininity.

    Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and even Obama are far more “alpha” than thin-skinned crybabies like Trump.

  11. 16th Earl of Warwick says:

    I can’t help but think that a short pudgy guy in cat eye glasses might not be the best source of information on this subject. There may be a slight conflict of interest there.

  12. Jason Todd says:

    I’m not a Trump supporter but this is false. Alpha males are present in our society. Think it’s a lie? Take a walk in any park on a weekend or go clubbing. The cringey, unconfident beta dude in the corner will go home and jack off

  13. Roman Barna says:

    “Alpha male” is generally used as a slang term for men that have certain traits or social status that are considered ideal by society.

    Problem is that the term is being bastardized by a bunch of right-wingers like that Mike Cernovich who think behaving like an dumb chimp is “alpha”.

    In addition, you got tons of kids nowadays calling themselves “alpha” because they think if they repeat that lie often enough, it’ll turn into the truth.

  14. ProTayToe Gamer says:

    So you’re saying that if I act like an ass in front of women and buy them drinks instead of being a respectable man who treats them with dignity…


  15. Ryan Kyojiri says:

    How to trigger an alt-right.
    step 1: show them this video
    step 2: call them a chicken when they go “cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck, cuck”

  16. HANKSTER says:

    This is dumb liberal stuff

  17. the bombay sphynx says:

    Sounds like something a beta cuck would say

  18. BroTheDude says:

    Women are most attracted to the most confident dudes and guys highest up in the social hierarchy. It’s just a fact. That doesn’t mean they are the strongest or most aggressive. A weakling can still be more confident and sure of himself than a ripped and insecure dude.

  19. Fennec Fox Gaming says:

    Adam ruins feminism •—• I want to see that

  20. speeddevil4040 says:

    This is just…Wrong in so many ways.

    You state that being an alpha male is being aggressive. No it’s being assertive, you can be assertive without being aggressive but you can’t be passive and assertive at the same time.

    Aggressive: Desire conflict and will actively start conflict even when there is non.

    Passive: Fear conflict and actively avoid it.

    Assertive: do not fear conflict and will approach it if needed.

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