Alphabet Lore Mod in Among Us

Alphabet Lore Mod in Among Us

Today @Zud is joined with @SSundee, @GarryBlox and @Sigils in the *NEW* Alphabet Lore Mod in Among Us! Watch me and the gang play this funny mod, and make sure to watch the entire game to see how I clutch in this ALPHABET LORE MOD in Among Us!

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► What is Among Us?
Among Us is a science-fiction mystery game that follows a group of Crewmates who have Impostors among them. The Impostor’s goal is to Sabotage their ship and get everyone. The Crewmates need to complete tasks and vote out the Impostor.

► Can I play this mod?
Nope! These mods are currently private, and we are NOT planning on releasing them currently.

► Can I give you mod ideas?
Of course! I read comments all of the time, and take YOUR suggestions when it comes to creating new ideas and ways to mod Among Us. Leave a comment with your idea and you may just see it in a future video!

► How do you talk to each other in game?
We use “BetterCrewLink”, which is an update on the popular CrewLink mod. This mod implements proximity voice chat in Among Us, which uses spatial audio so you can only hear people close to you.

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14 Responses

  1. Bui chau says:

    can’t believe “Schlatt” kidnapped all these people just to make a video, incredibly wholesome like 2001

  2. Nguyen hao says:

    Watching you guys will always will be my favorite

  3. XBOXSLAYER says:

    the dragon mod there is dragons that you can fight around the map to upgrade your dragon and the imposter is a dragon that can steal dragon abilitys. that has an ability that lets him tame dragons , ride dragons ,and the ability to kill dragons with a fire spear like the emotions mod you spawn with a elemental dragon like fire , water , air , earth , lightning, sand, ice , dark matter , light, and my favorite metal please do this mod this took me an hour to make

  4. Gig_Guy says:

    This mod helped me learn fast typing skills

  5. Dinh Thanh says:

    Friends in alohabet lore 12:56 all timestone

  6. Princess vibes says:

    Friends ❤ that’s all he wants

  7. Ladi3Luna says:

    And when you’re done with your own things zud ssundee was an imposter when he was done being imposter

  8. M dash the commenter says:

    The way Q moves his mouth looks wired

  9. Winter-of-wonder says:


  10. Denise Meng says:

    What if there was a Z U D ability😊

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