Alpo Martinez

Alpo Martinez

Notorious drug-lord Alpo Martinez died on the streets of Harlem.

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46 Responses

  1. ENNZ says:

    The killer was trained, precision was impeccable..not a sloppy hit.

  2. andre campbell says:

    Smh man was snitching while he was in the feds for yearss. And still had the nerve to be in Harlem chilling on a block at 3am

    • Blue Bimmer says:

      Facts! Like he can’t get touched. Son was bugging smh

    • Jon Barnes says:

      @Natural Turner right or wrong I’m speaking on the documentary, movie and the streets of Harlem, during that time, specifically. He’s been called a snake, a rat, a killer, a ‘git money nigga'” but even the D.A., as well as the investigating officers, referred to him as very intelligent.

      Making millions at 15 or 16, selling drugs, requires relationships with police and the streets. Obviously it doesn’t last but apparently he calculated plenty of his moves, including his demise.
      The lesson is there. You can use your energy/power for this, that or both.

    • Natural Turner says:

      @Jon Barnes anybody who choose that lifestyle is stupid it ends bad prison or death I can’t call that.intelligent even though Kats in the hood might .

    • Shut Yamouth says:

      @David Stuckey maybe a Texas hitta 👻

  3. Christopher Horn says:

    The devil came to get what belongs to him.

  4. richard mason says:

    Karma is a dish best served cold 🥶. Revenge has no expiration date

    • ashimadaniel31 says:


    • King shaq says:

      @Mark Houston I bet you ain’t got no momma

    • meow lover says:

      that ain’t karma….that’s just stupidity….he went back where he could be touched and it’s that simple

    • Nameless Droner says:

      @King shaq I’m just kidding man. I couldn’t resist when I seen someone hit you with the mom jokes.
      Alpo killed 14 people ( that we know of) and snitched on everyone around him to get free. He was in the witness protection program, but went home to Harlem to floss. And long story short, his past caught up with him. )

  5. Eric Morris says:

    He came back to the Harlem like he had a death wish!! And someone made that wish come true…..

  6. Sherry Beckley says:

    Revenge is a dish best served cold🥶!! The street got it right this time. He had Absolutely no remorse for Rich Porter or 14 people he killed which a lot of them was his friends in his interview and turned state evidence to save his own skin.

    • Shirley Jarman says:

      So true

    • Will Lewis says:

      I’ve cold 14 people somebody was coming the devil has so many minions and lil nas x showed you you’d be surprised at who’s really down with him

    • J says:

      Shut up. Richard was cheating him out of work & lying about it. He didn’t kill 14 people. About 8 of those bodies were his. And ALL of them were drug dealers like him. Save it..

    • Rome santana says:

      You never know what circumstances someone has been going through. Alpo is the character he had to put on to fit in. Never judge someone because there are alway two characters.

    • Cold As The Poles says:

      @trueskool1977 really they think like children, they watched the movie and chose Alpo as the bad guy, but they were all bad guys, and their actions led to what happened to them. People took the wrong message from that movie.

  7. emilio perez says:

    That’s narcissism instead of laying low he still wanted to floss and shine.

  8. Mista KP says:

    Death didn’t find him, he looked for it returning to NY.

    • zzTIME TRAVEL says:

      (click bait)

      The guitar’s fretboard enable’s removal of all “written” representation of said “music” – including the “measure” portion of written music. 4/4; 5/4 etc.. or the beat. When the TIME SIGNATURE is removed, where are you in time (while listening to the music)? Impossible to know so viola ~ time travel. Yes.

      “class dismissed”

    • Chevy Hanson says:

      @illinois banks First of all I am not a dude. Second, don’t be coming at me trying to start ish.I know Rivi is still in prison ignorant a** fool. I was responding to someone who said he went back there and lived 6 years. And I responded with my comment about Ms Blanco. One thing I can’t stand is when people respond ignorantly without fully understanding or reading something. No disrespect, may want to take the time to make sure you understand what was said before you open your mouth…🤷🏿‍♀️

    • Chicago Boy says:

      @Festus Aniemeka telling G 🤣🤣🤣

    • BigKing17 says:

      @Kristi Thomas I think he would’ve been too popular in the ATL

    • Kristi Thomas says:

      And just to be clear…. They will never find his killer…

  9. WAKEUP718NYC says:

    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”Galatians 6:7

    • ninjanizzle says:

      It doesn’t always work that way though, look at Al Capone.

    • seanmark says:

      This is the most accurate summation thus far that I’ve read.

    • Darrell UI Simeon says:

      @ninjanizzle he was in alcatraz suffering from syphilis, ( who knows how he got it in jail….), released and died at a relatively young age of syphilis, his mind and body had gone long before that… him getting that syphilis which could have been possibly due to sexual assault….might have been the violent end that he sowed

    • ninjanizzle says:

      @Darrell UI Simeon Yea I heard he got it from hookers. My point is though he killed many people with his own hands and ordered plenty more. He didn’t reap what he sowed in that regard. It doesn’t always work that way.

  10. Kent Chin says:

    Even killas like Alpo can’t escape the grim reaper. He’s lucky to have survived this long when you have as many enemies like him.

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