Altoids Phone Charger

Altoids Phone Charger

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How to make an Altoids tin USB charger.

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20 Responses

  1. Rasmus Jonssønn Skramstad says:

    What? CrazyRussianHacker uses Cyanagon?

  2. Jockie says:

    His hands are shaking? 

  3. DJ Unicorn says:

    Stop saying chek this out!please

  4. ShootingGames says:

    I tried this. My new iPhone 6 literally blew up……

  5. Ky Rich2003 says:

    what is the thing called with the red and black wire?

  6. Maryann Concepcion says:

    How do you get that thing for the battery?

  7. Rexy Mama says:

    This is super cool. Very easy! 

  8. Christopher Andrews says:

    How do you do it?

  9. Orlando comments says:

    Cool video bro . Greetings From Mexico 

  10. Genkisan says:

    :O Nice!

  11. Punchitme says:

    Ur hand always shaking

  12. Kazu says:

    Wrong title. Could’ve put “homemade charger” or something similar. Altoid
    is just the container wtf.

  13. ФЛОРИДА - МЕЧТА says:

    интересно !!!!!!!

  14. andy zhang says:

    How do u turn it off without keep on opening the lid and removing the

  15. Tame says:

    I have the same phone as u

  16. Marcin Pokora says:

    Like I a asurvival situation you are gonna have a souldering iron XD

  17. jazer montero says:

    Read more (12 lines)

  18. kyonul guseynova says:

    бесит акцент)

  19. Gabriel Incognito says:

    Good that my father is rich and he buys me this.

  20. Queen Spade says:

    Nuke with the bunny ears sooooooo adorable, plus this is a great survival
    hack thank you. God bless you