Alzheimer’s and the Brain

Alzheimer’s and the Brain

HUGE THANKS to The Alzheimer’s Association for graciously giving me time with and access to scientists currently researching the disease. You can learn more about them here:

More good links:

Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures [PDF]:

Basics of Alzheimer’s disease. “What it is and what you can do” [PDF]

What is Dementia?

Alzheimer’s disease:

compare causes of death:

brain facts:

cortex thickness:

more on cortex:


VIDEOS: how proteins are formed from DNA


Video of real human brain:

The Alzheimer’s Project (HBO):

I highly recommend this:

Down syndrome:

Alzheimer’s disease risk-factors:

wiki images:,_power_lines_(7).JPG,_camera_and_cassette.jpg,_Ny_Carlsberg_Glyptotek,_Copenhagen_(15369478929).jpg


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20 Responses

  1. Matthew Fyson says:

    High aluminium levels in the blood is also linked to dementure. My
    chemistry teacher told us never to cook rubarb in an aluminum pan, as the
    acids leach out and disolve some of the aluminium, which is absorbed into
    the rubarb then eaten. Aluminium is also bio-accumlative.

  2. Matheus Portillo says:

    what’s the outro track? is it jake chudnow? no music credits in this

  3. Harry Balzak says:

    It trips me out when I learn about brains cuz its like learning inception.

  4. Omnipotent Moron says:

    I went from Game Grumps to this, a bit different content huh?

  5. EroticBulbasaur says:

    I love it how Michael’s brain is talking about itself so that my brain
    could understand itself better

  6. Lydia Kouvarou says:

    Here in Greece we learn all this in 9th grade

  7. tclbmx says:

    This dude might be the most inteligent person in our generation, or at
    least the smartest to do research and share on social media.

  8. Javier Angeles says:

    The brain is the most important organ according to the brain.

  9. Higor Carmanini says:

    Could you add subtitles, especially in portuguese?
    My grandfather had Alzheimer’s, so my mom would be very happy to watch a
    great informative video like this. Keep it up, Vsauce!

  10. Brendan Goosen says:

    Thanks for the research!

  11. Jon3123 says:

    My fatass thought the thumbnail was a cookie

  12. TheSpookySquirrel says:

    Video doesn’t even start , clicks like

  13. Kamal Bhamra says:

    Who is watching this with their eyes? 👀

  14. Matt Kovach says:

    thanks for the awesome video! I feel a lot better now about my own

  15. Nathan Adams says:

    you should do ADHD and the Brain

  16. Dimitris S says:

    Bugatti Veyron? TRIGGERED #justGTRfanboythings

  17. Austin Weigel says:

    What do you do for a living?? Like how do you get that smart in so many
    different fields of study?

  18. Elena Centa says:

    this guy is sickkkk man i love it

  19. Passed High School Physics says:

    UCSF’s Dr. Lustig has research which show a link between added sugar which
    is being added to our diet and Alzheimer disease.

    Your description for how memories are made and recalled is now dated and
    obsolete. Memories are stored as the growth of nerves. Taking a drug can
    disrupt the formation of a new memory or can cause you to forget something
    you know well.

    I hope you make an updated video.

  20. pat ob says:

    So cool