Am I A Narcissist?

Am I A Narcissist?

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Thumbnail by Bethany Radloff

Tom Spriggs at The Coronel Group

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20 Responses

  1. kendall says:

    lmao i am so ugly

  2. Jessica Do says:

    She looks like Asian Sarah Silverman with her hair up

  3. Rachel Davis says:

    Great video! Everyone is always saying how ‘selfies are good because they
    boost your self confidence’ and I get that but sometimes I think it gets a
    bit too much. On a different note, I LOVE your outro music oh my god

  4. Jade K (jadenotjasmine) says:

    this video is all my thoughts and ideas on society today. am i

  5. Kayla Akemi says:

    Amen Anna!

  6. King Blvck says:


  7. omgitsadog999 says:

    Ugly people deserve lives to

  8. Anja Boskovic says:

    The amount of time and money I have spent on my appearance are astounding.
    I wish I didn’t have to. I really wish I didn’t have to. But the second I
    decrease the effort, I find that strangers tend to be more rude to me. So
    I’ve found the baseline amount of effort that I need to put in my
    appearance in order to be afforded respect/curtesy. On the flipside, my
    more attractive friends tend to deal more with cat calls and guys
    dehumanizing/objectifying them so it’s not all privileges when you’re an
    attractive woman.

  9. ArtisanTony says:

    white privilege? lol

  10. Bone Wax says:

    no, youre asian…which is worse

  11. Oscar Mendoza says:

    25% of the reason i watch your videos is because you’re really down my
    alley ;)

  12. Lightsoutlightson1 says:

    This is some sort of Star Trek channel — always exploring thought
    provoking questions. This is just a hypothesis, I don’t know. But I think
    that each of us can, and often do, go down the self absorption path;
    however, life and God will help us move away from that to the degree that
    we cooperate with opportunities / things to avoid — that come our way.
    Just the fact that you are working to do better, means the answer to your
    question is: no, you are not a narcissist.

  13. hazbutler says:

    Do you know the definition of Narcissism? I feel that word is way overused.
    I think self-obsessed is probably more apt.

  14. SoulessCorruption says:

    As Slug from Atmosphere says, God Loves Ugly.

  15. Papa Tyrone says:

    Everybody is, Done.

  16. Lisa Konyukhova says:

    Like for the kitty on the background =) So adorable =))

  17. ChickenNoodleIsa says:

    just becuase someone looks good dosent mean anything.
    just becuase someone doesn’t look good doesn’t mean anything.

  18. Katie M says:

    Thinking you’re attractive doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic. Narcissism is
    defined by valuing yourself above all others and truly believing you are
    100% perfect, absolutely flawless, and better than everyone else. Yes on
    paper it sounds great and something we should all strive for, but true
    narcissists struggle with criticism, accepting and fixing personal flaws,
    and romantic relationships (because no one is worthy). They tend to be very
    argumentative because again… they’re always right because being wrong
    would mean they’re flawed.

  19. Teddy Beighton says:

    pretty sure it’s only coz of misogyny that caring about your looks is seen
    as a bad thing anyway so… like… go for it

  20. ae Austiin says:

    I’m not nicer to attractive people because I know they expect me to be.