Amanda Bynes SPEAKS OUT for the First Time in 4 Years! – FULL Interview | HS EXCLUSIVE

Amanda Bynes SPEAKS OUT for the First Time in 4 Years! – FULL Interview | HS EXCLUSIVE

Amanda Bynes breaks her silence for her first interview in 5 years! Amanda sits down with Diana Madison of The Lowdown to discuss her past controversies and hardships, the road to recovery, as well as what Amanda has been up to lately, and her future plans which involve a special surprise that her fans will be incredibly happy to hear! Welcome back, Amanda Bynes!

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20 Responses

  1. Victor Flores says:

    Worst host ever. Jesus…

  2. Ema Star says:

    Every time she got a compliment from the interviewer .. she complimented her right back .. that’s some awesome girl love 💛💛 love it

  3. aimeee flies says:

    If only it were Ellen interviewing her

  4. Joey Matt says:

    Everyone in the comments making fun of her for her weight gain or saying she still seems out of it, give the girl a break! It takes a hell of a lot of guts to return to the spotlight after such a public breakdown, and I think she handled herself tremendously well all things considered. Do I think the interview could have been better? Absolutely! But that was no fault of hers. Welcome back Amanda 🙂

  5. krisisnkaos says:

    “You’re beautiful.” “No, you’re beautiful.” “No, YOU’RE beautiful.”

  6. Rebecca me Crazy says:

    She doesn’t look like herself like maybe somebody else lol

  7. 2Bdiscovered says:


  8. Mendozer says:

    This bitch doesn’t look like Amanda Bynes. She’s an imposter.

  9. Megan M says:

    This is the cringiest

  10. TheKaymillionare says:

    This was cringey Af Amanda seemed uncomfortable af, and the lady seemed bitchy i mean really? the hot or not was she trying to make her embarrass herself? i felt the lady was being fake and rude af.. YOU GO AMANDA WE LOVE YOU BABE!! glad you’re doing better

  11. bubbles says:

    Holy fuck the camera angles for this video are horrible. Why is there no angle that shows both of their faces full on? Why not sit in separate seats so they are both facing the camera? Also terrible questions. I did like her reaction to being asked about the “murder my vagina” thing because she was so candid about it, but then way to make it awkward by asking what “murder my vagina” means. Like what the fuck do you think it means? Good to see her doing better though!

  12. Annabeth Taylor says:

    here’s a good idea, let’s have the first interview with amanda bynes who had image issues and people judging her and let’s play a game where we judge people on their image. that will be good for her mental health.

  13. crackle krispies says:

    *for all those bitching about the interviewer not asking more pertinent questions, please try to understand she was not trying to make amanda feel uncomfortable or feel embarrassed about her breakdown. I actually like the fact that the interviewer took her time with her and was not pressing and brought out the light side of this interview. jumping down amanda’s throat could have made her defen8sive or not want to do the interview. i wish amanda the best and i hope that her health will continue to be in great condition*

  14. Art Z says:

    I can see Amanda doing some adult comedy.

  15. G-Money says:

    Amanda Bynes you a little bit crazy but you can still have my babies

  16. Rachel Dildy says:

    She looks beautiful, it’s good to see her looking happy again. Wish the best for her ❤✌

  17. Bernaliz Vazquez says:

    This interview is very painful to watch the host seems so fake 🙄🙄

  18. jenn ann says:

    this host needs to stop talking

  19. Patrick Van Tassell says:

    Iunno who that bitch is, but it’s not Amanda Bynes

  20. Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

    I need to get me on whatever treatment she had I’m such a hot mess

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