Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview | UFC 289 – RETIREMENT FIGHT

Amanda Nunes Octagon Interview | UFC 289 – RETIREMENT FIGHT

Amanda Nunes announced her retirement at UFC 289 following a dominant 5-round performance against Irene Aldana. The GOAT finished as a two-time women’s bantamweight champion, women’s featherweight champion, and the first women’s double champion.

Official UFC 289 scorecards here 👉

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33 Responses

  1. The Eagle Has Landed says:

    Time after time nunes has proven she is levels above everybody else in the women’s division. What a career!

  2. Michell says:

    Sou brasileiro e chorei com nossa Leoa. Espero que nós brasileiros e todas as pessoas no mundo que amam esse esporte reconheçam pra sempre você Amanda Nunes. Que orgulho. Simplesmente the GOAT

  3. Yair Sasson Art says:

    Greatest female fighter of all time and it’s not even close. Class act always, never backed down a fight, Fought the toughest females in the division. What a wonderfull champion, no accidents, not a massive marketing push by the company, no controversies outside of the cage, just pure hardcore toughness, skills and lots of heart. Thank you Amanda! You desereve it all.👏🏼👸🏽

  4. EJ T says:

    Legendary career. Much respect. We probably won’t see anything like this for a while so thank you for making it possible in our life times 🙏🏾

    • Count2Potato says:

      Definitely wont see that again. That 145 paper belt really elevates her mystique. They are hopefully going to finally fold that failed experiment.

    • Minsetti says:

      @Count2Potato Should scrap 135 too. Just look at the top 5. Not one of them deserves the belt.

  5. Vered Wol says:

    One of the greatest fighters in the sport, and the greatest UFC female fighter in current day. This is a well earned retirement. She represented her country with respect, honor and unbelievable fighting spirit and also undeniable skill. Good luck!

  6. YUH_SIR2099 says:

    Such a tough fighter. Doesn’t matter the gender, she made giant leaps for the sport.

    You can be a family fighter and still be absolutely dominant and entertaining.

    Congrats Amanda Nunez on an amazingly successful career. The world will miss the you in the octagon. Wishing nothing but success and happiness to your growing family. Loved watching her journey.

  7. PjXu98 says:

    She has nothing to prove that she is the GOAT. She cleared out the divisions and has no real threat from any fighter. Retired at the best moment. Thank you Amanda Nunes🙏

    • Agent Washington says:

      Val is the GOAT

    • Pubtomfoolery says:

      Val fan but she’s not even close. Shes up there but you can also see now she’s starting to slow down and not make the best decisions; that cost her the title. Nunes has beat her, always came back from an L plus double champ.

    • Mr disaster says:

      @Agent Washington too bad she got beat twice by the real goat not to mention she isn’t even the champ anymore she got outclassed and beat in her last fight.

    • Pi Tech says:

      She is the goat and she is humble and nice about it too.

    • Agent Washington says:

      @Mr disaster Robbed hard. More successful and complete. Also 0 of that ” two moms ” circus acr going on, denying a child a dad so a pair of lesbians could live our their fantasy

  8. A You Tube Commenter says:

    She was an incredible fighter. Literally everything Ronda was hyped up to be, she actually was.

  9. Leigh Carmichael says:

    Once in a lifetime champion!! Massive respect for going out on top as a double champ 🙏❤️

  10. Matty says:

    What a true champion and warrior. I’ll never forget you, Amanda. Blessings and peace to you and your family!

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