Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 224

Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 224

The UFC on FOX crew breaks down Nunes’ dominant TKO victory over Pennington in Rio on Saturday.

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Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 224


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75 Responses

  1. UFC ON FOX says:

    Were you surprised by the outcome of this fight?

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      UFC ON FOX no.

    • Deep Thoughts says:

      Steve P it would be nice to see her vs cyborg at a catch-weight ,but that’s probably wishful thinking though.

    • Shane Hinds says:

      Like I said when they booked the circus “ITS A JOKE” Pennington shouldn’t have even been in there to begin with! And all these UFC “WARRIORS” Calling out the corner for not stopping the fight just shows you that NONE of them have a true WARRIOR HEART! NEVER QUIT! NEVER SURRENDER! 82nd AIRBORNE! Straight up KILLER!

    • Andro Libre says:

      Only that her corner had an obviously BROKEN fighter and threw her back out there to take unnecessary punishment

  2. sketchy roll says:

    Worst highlights ever.

  3. Armand Babakhanian says:

    The UFC is really running out of stars to headline PPV’s…

  4. GonzalezEzekiel says:

    Her coaches made a horrible decision to let her continue with a broken nose although she didn’t want too

    • the basedgod says:

      constantly_winning it don’t matter. If she said she’s done then she obviously doesn’t think she can win. So why send her back to fight and get smashed some more

    • Zuglo says:

      It was hard to watch..They supposed to have her back, they should have known she can’t win, I mean it’s not like it was close and the coach say “dig deep you are still in it, don’t give up you can win this!”
      Horrible human beings.I would question if I want to continue train with them.

  5. Goobersteen Gallop says:

    I’d fire those coaches. If a fighter said that they’re done, they’re already mentally defeated. Making her stay in the fight didn’t accomplish anything, except damage her more. #notright

    • beadie2007 says:

      Disagree. Some fighters need to be pushed in order to fight their full potential

    • Comment Section Tough Guy says:

      Goobersteen Gallop you just repeated everything they said just to get some likes and feel like your asscheeks pampered you dumb cuckold

    • Garrett Dodds says:

      Oh really? 4 lost rounds and a broken nose against an absolute beast in the cage? It’s fine to push a fighter in training, but Pennington didn’t have an answer. A good corner makes sure you can fight another day, and also makes sure you can remember your own name.

    • Sum Solution says:

      I agree but doesn’t she get more money if she goes the distance?????? Forgive me if I’m wrong

    • bing bing says:

      Worst corner ever, they need to be suspended

  6. S says:

    “if she dies, she dies” – ” Mario Penningtons Cornerman Yamasaki

  7. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    This is what happens when a fighter that likes to fight to a decision fights a real champ that can go hard 5 rounds. Like I have always said, Raquel is too average to fight for the title. She wanted to quit. This fight was a waste of time but I’m glad it was over with. Never have Raquel headline ever again. She can’t finish fights at the highest levels and all she likes to do is spar in an actual fight.

    • jeremyshambles says:

      AbsoluteMMA101 scathing but frankly accurate assessment indeed

    • Keevon Jones says:

      AbsoluteMMA101 I told my friend the same thing Raquel is tough but skill level is very average. Other than Raquels chin and cardio that’s all she got.

  8. Cloopster says:

    I like Amanda Nunes

    • Cloopster says:

      Well unless Cyborg decided to cut down to Nunes’ weight class, it wouldn’t be for the belt.

    • Jonny Gill says:

      jack trollering – Yeah, cyborg has never fought at 135 in her life, she almost died the last time she tried to make 140.

    • Jack Trollering says:

      +Jonny Gill UFC offered to give her a shot at cyborgs belt they sent the fight up and she said no she’s not the best woman fighter in UFC

    • Joel Barnum says:

      Jack Trollering I mean mabye it’s because cyborg is in a weight class above her and is ridiculously strong. Everybody just expects fighters to hop around weight classes like it’s nothing. Get real

  9. bmillerdrums says:

    Karyn looks beautiful. Oh and senator one more thing… Love your hair!

  10. Mark says:

    Cyborg will beat noones. Just my opinion.

  11. Evan Davidson says:

    bring on cyborg…

  12. Miesha I choked my friend Holly unconscious Tate! says:

    The only Women that didn’t get finished by Nunes is The Bullet Shevchenko who very well could have won both of those fights

    • Adam Youdell says:

      To be fair nobody else can finish Val either but that’s because of her style, she’s more reactive than aggressive and doesn’t get in situations where she’ll get finished. However maybe that will change based on what we saw out of her in her first flyweight fight but that was against a complete tomato can who had no business being in there

    • nessus12 says:

      You have to beat the champ. The champ doesn’t. Shevchenko didn’t do enough. Just like Wonderboy vs Woodley.

    • JonOfTheDead702 says:

      Shevchenko is awesome!! Great fighter!!

  13. gaspanic69 says:

    It’s clear that Amanda Nunes is far superior than Rousey ever was. She is a complete fighter unlike the armbar wonder with little to no personality.

    • Edward O'brien says:

      Uchiha 500 easy

    • Machinegunkuzzy 16 says:

      Rousey had all she needed to win at a time where the women’s bantamweight division was filled with not so great fighters. The women’s BW division has a lot more skilled and well rounded fighters now then it did when rousey was on her reign. She wouldn’t have been so dominant if she had competition like there is now. Once holly Holm and nunes came up the ladder it was proven that rousey wasn’t as great as everyone made her out to be. She was only “great” because everyone else was on a lot lower of a level then they are now. She wouldn’t have been dominant if the division was always full of well rounded and skilled fighters like it is now and that’s a fact

    • Lopez Bunch says:

      who cares? she was the ultimate hype job then was exposed  that’s the only thing she will be remembered for was fighting and beating women with less experience both mental and physically then she runs into a real fighter and gets put to sleep then again and now shes…………… well who cares

    • KidHudsonGinobli says:

      But Joe Rogan said Rousey was the best striker in mma

  14. Music Power says:

    Nunes title defenses: 3
    Conor title defenses: 0

  15. erik manchez says:

    Tyrons swirl looks so silly

  16. Daniel Montoya says:

    Just shows how good shev is

  17. Rod Miller says:

    Dominick Cruz is arguably the greatest person to have on this platform.

  18. dirtysprite isgood says:

    nunes really is a different breed. Man shes scary

  19. Chris Moreno says:

    Dominick is so insightful, and gives great advice on the fight.

    • impactajuvenile says:

      Chris Moreno but dominic looks like an idiot when he fights with all his bouncing up and down and peddling all over the ring.

    • Uncle Bern says:

      impactajuvenile harder to predict, harder to hit. Definitely a method to the madness

  20. gb box says:

    Dominic needs a podcast

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