Amanda the Adventurer V1.3 – The Secret Story Explained

Amanda the Adventurer V1.3 – The Secret Story Explained

Amanda the Adventurer has recieved a host of updates since our original story explained video a few months back. In this video we take a look at each of these updates and a theory as to what exactly the secret story of Amanda the Adventurer is all about.

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35 Responses

  1. Neo Fulcrum says:

    I honestly feel bad for Wooley. He didn’t deserve this.

  2. George999 says:

    Love how this horror game is basically about dora the explorer’s evil clone.

  3. sam will says:

    This is the era where people are pointing out the parts of late 80s and 90s children’s media that were ALWAYS creepy. Dora just grinning, blinking, totally mindlessly at the TV screen. it’s not exactly comforting to imagine that this character can see you from the other side of the screen

    • dindo umali says:


    • Gh0st•Talkz says:

      Dont wanna be that person but dora isnt 80s or 90s dora is a 2000s show

    • Pip Price says:

      @Vince Cuh is the supreme ruler of youtube me too (plus your name is so true)

    • Vince Cuh is the supreme ruler of youtube says:

      I can’t believe I liked dora when I was little

    • SomeBudy says:

      we could see in many shows that objects and animals talk and act like humans
      At first it was something normal and creative for a child , but what if they were all trapped souls?

  4. Tempest2103 says:

    In all honesty, this whole setting feels like its repeating Amanda and Woolys life. Wooly starts out as Amanda’s willing tag a long until her behavior gives him second thoughts. Amanda seemed already abusive, seeing as she didnt care for Woolys allergies, then devolved into sadistic, the meat shop, and finally insane. I think the meat shop and forest tapes are when Wooly put his foot (hoof?) down about her behavior, only for Amanda to turn on him. The final tapes seems to imply Amanda killed again once she dealt with Wooly. This could be the point where she might have attracted the demons attention with her antics, hence the tapes ending where she crosses the line. Amanda is possessed, but only becuase she deserved her fate. It also explains why Wooly is a sheep, symbolizing his status as a follower

  5. Th3_ Cr34ture says:

    It looks like the newest tape is called Tape “Treasure”. I’m guessing this is the name as in the recording where it is almost burned, there’s a little bit of a T showing at the start of the second word. And yeah, you dig stuff up in the episode. Pretty self-explanatory.

  6. The Iceland Ball says:

    in case you didn’t notice, when Amanda turns to Woolie at the butcher shop, Woolie puts his hand out and flinches with a surprised expression.

  7. Why says:

    i’m interested in where the creator(s) decide to take this game. there seems to be intriguing lore to be found in this game and the eeriness fits just right

  8. DecodeX says:

    I have a theory about wooly: notice how wooly stutters in 7:56 and the man on the footage at 9:40 also stutters. This might be wooly before he was possessed by the demonic monster. He watched the tapes because the monster was making him and then he got trapped inside the tape by the monster. Wooly stutters sometimes on most of the tapes and the man in the found footage stutters a lot when talking to someone. This might be woolys origins and their voices sound kind of similar too

  9. SkyEcho751 says:

    Actually, I feel that each update is a different character. Each time one of them looses it moves onto another victim, that’s why the third tape could now be recovered, it needed somewhere to store the extra souls it gathered, but Woolie was able to use it as a medium to try and interrupt the next viewers. Woolie is trying to subvert the control of the demon.

  10. ZAMN says:

    Speculation: Grandma sealed the demon in the tapes to start with, which is why the demon uses its influence to kill her.

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