Amandla Stenberg: Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows

Amandla Stenberg: Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows

The Hunger Game’s Amandla Stenberg delivers a crash discourse on black culture with a fellow classmate for their history class. Originally posted on

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19 Responses

  1. Alisha Arthur says:

    Yes baby girl. I’m so proud of you. Speak the truth and forget the haters. 

  2. RadicalRoyals says:

    0:59 Madonna scared the crap out of me.

  3. Old Boris says:

    If you don’t like cultural appropriation, stop speaking the language of the
    Anglo-Saxons, who originally came from Saxony and Denmark and not from

  4. Iyanla Brissett says:

    I don’t get it. Is everyone who wears cornrows supposed to put a flag on
    their head that says “I support blacks” ? Also, there completely was no way
    for whites to have dreads unless they were mixed. It took alot for their
    hair to lock up. So Africans didn’t create them, they HAD to wear them.

    Side note: I don’t care how angry black people get, everytime their is
    something racist or controversial, you get on the defensive….ON THE
    MEDIA. While you have many other platforms, I personally never see a black
    person in a black history class. Never. (Probably just one black in the

    But the world will always “piggy back” off of history, because some people
    don’t grow out of it. White people WERE always in the league, stop acting
    surprised and hurt. Only a handful of blacks actually give a damn about
    this issue at hand. The racist issue: inequality.

    . People hardly see (through media) a black person graduating, or being
    successful, but it happens. We follow the media like lost puppies and look
    for faults to our misfortunes or unjust. Humans will take on to ANYTHING
    they see interesting (wearing fur jackets in summer or fur shoes, cornrows,
    etc.)! It’s the media! They feed you. Blame them for not knowing the true
    meaning of whatever, but don’t blame them for stealing. How do you think
    fashion trends, food, beauty trends started? If I wear a shirt and lots of
    people like it, others will want it, and if they get it, I would have
    started a trend. Why? Because it’s out there! I simply cannot say that
    someone STOLE my shirt. I wore it in a place where it would be exposed to
    human eyes. I cannot be angry because they saw it interesting.

  5. pmsingkatyperrylistener 1 says:

    HOLD IT! ( phoenix wright style ) Katy Did Tweet about michael brown
    and eric garner ( Yay For Slacktivism! )

    True she´s not the most PC person on the planet, But she is no racist and
    any such assertions are at best laughable. Now please carry on with
    whatever you were Discussing.

    P.S I am not Racist, just Anxious and Slowly becoming depressed, so any
    slander against the only thing that makes me happy makes me more anxious.

    P.P.S I´m probably going to regret writing this in a Day or 2 but right Now
    I just need to Say something.

  6. DoorInSummer says:

    Where u draw line between “afro” and “non-afro” live racism.
    When u use colors for people art works u start agression against dreams
    without “cut from this culture”.

  7. Laura John-Toussaint says:

    Wow, reading all these comments is quite an eye opening experience. And boy
    does it give a glimpse of what people have to deal with living in America.
    In my opinion, if you listen and get the true meaning of what this 16
    year-old is trying to say, a lot of these negative commentators who for
    some reason think this is solely about hairstyles would think a little
    differently. I’m not even going to explain it, because it would just invite
    more of you to post racist and borderline racist comments. Instead, I’ll
    say this, it seems that the disconnect here is coming from your point of
    view. Try stepping outside the box of privilege and putting on the shoes of
    those who see/deal with this everyday. It’s very specific and doesn’t fit
    most of the generalizations going on here. If you don’t get it, fine, but
    attacking the people who do get it and who do understand says a lot about
    YOU. If you’re feeling attacked or outraged by this video that this
    beautiful 16 year old girl has made to explain something important to her,
    you may need to look into you heart and yourself for the reason why.

  8. Maurice Joyner says:

    What is cultural appropriation? And why should I as a black person be upset
    if a white person wears cornrows?

  9. Green Walker says:

    Thanks sister for these very important points

  10. lexy9210 says:


  11. EclecticFlavor. says:


    hopefully people will really get it! : )
    Thank you for this video…fantastic articulation.

  12. Alex Minassian says:

    That ending question really got me

  13. leteflondondu92 says:

    She says white people wearing braids is cultural appropriation. She says
    this while wearing straightened hair in imitation of white womens hair
    styles. She is also wearing red lipstick which was created by the Asian
    culture in the Indus Valley. She is also saying this in English, a language
    created by a Germanic tribe called the Angles. Her profession is an
    actress, which is an art-form created by the Greeks. The role of Rue was
    from a book which was became popular based on printing-press technology
    created by the Chinese. Girl need to stop appropriating culture. It is so
    offensive. Hitler didn’t like it either.

    Obviously we should all live in a world where everyone only uses the things
    that people from the exact same background invented, else cultural
    appropriation which is taboo. Sucks for those who want to use things like
    phones, tvs, internet, cars. You have to stop using these things unless you
    are related to their inventors.

    Or we can all grow up and live in the real world.

  14. Shaun Riley says:

    Hahaha…. absurd! In today’s world you find a profession you succeed in it
    and do w.e you want as long as you don’t step outta line…. no need to
    follow or be part of any culture no one actually cares because if they did
    sales would dwindle but they don’t…. no one has to show or be part of any
    movement, again if it’s such a terrible thing that famous & successful
    black individuals didn’t show face during past year why have they only
    profited more than in past years??? And the use of looks attuides and
    styles solely for profit is perfectly fine the black community says so
    (with their money) number one movie goers in this country are black
    families… it’s more like greed to say we created this, it’s ours not
    yours… it’s everyone’s it’s called American Culture…. this country is a

    Haha asinine comment at the end majority of us in the great country love
    each of our brothers and sisters but you will always have the bad apples
    who are blinded by generations of hatred and will never change and for some
    odd reason these people have the need to focus on that, waste of time! The
    fact that she even thinks it’s ok to say what if america loved black is

  15. Sincere King says:

    Intelligently and Beautifully excuted. Great job Queen. 

  16. Jamie Short says:

    AMAZING….SIMPLY AMAZING. I Hope We can all see this and understand this.

  17. ilikecorn235 says:

    Good job, just keep feeding shit into the imminent race war that social
    media is creating. The next time a white personal is killed by a black,
    whites are going to vandalize our city, then point out all the black stars
    that didn’t show support. Btw, Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas were created
    by whites. Nike and Adidas were very popular in early hip hop culture.
    Guess you can’t wear those by your logic. It makes no goddamn sense. This
    is America. Everything is for everyone. You talk about how “whites are
    taught they are entitled to everything”. That’s bullshit. I’ve worked for
    everything I have. Maybe blacks are just taught that every white person is
    against them, so they feel like they are justified to believe everything
    that whitey does is wrong. Like I said, there is a fucking race war ahead.
    This shit is getting out of hand on both sides.

  18. fjiowheiofjef says:

    First of all, black people don’t own hip hop. It’s just a style of music.
    Second, black people are WAY too sensitive.

  19. ApacheForeskin says:

    What if we just fucking loved each other?