Amateur Chef Vs Professional Chef: Raid The Fridge Challenge

Amateur Chef Vs Professional Chef: Raid The Fridge Challenge

Can an amateur cook beat a professional chef in a cooking competition held in someone’s home?

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65 Responses

  1. ShoogleShadow says:

    This is cool

  2. rhea says:

    Jade is goalssss ?❤️?

  3. UnPhayzable says:

    I bet that chef can’t microwave a cup of milk as well as I can

  4. UnPhayzable says:

    She seems like a professional chef compared to me

    • CookieGeekGamer 24 says:

      UnPhayzable 225 Likes But no comment?

    • CookieGeekGamer 24 says:


    • Azu Shi says:

      she didnt seem more pro, but she talked better. in fact her ideas are just random and she mixed too many ingredients together. the guy had a vision after going through the options and stuck to it and he used better techniques than the girl. also his brocolli cheddar mix was better than her guacamole which she likely learned from her part time job. she pretty much made a basic omelet, took the leftover pre-cooked chinese restaurant leftovers (which she didn’t even cook), and put them in the burrito with the guacamolle. the way she talks makes it sound like she’s being freestyle artistic but she basically just lucked out that things meshed well together. On the other hand, the guy seemed way more professional with everything he did, but he didn’t talk as well as her.

      she is the definition of an amateur home cook who digs random things from the fridge and piles them together hoping it comes out well. and yes it did come out well, but she does not seem more professional.

      the guy on the other hand, had clear steps and stages and you could tell he had a vision before starting. his dish was like something you’d learn from a cooking video (except he didn’t talk much and they skipped all the steps).

      also how did she “seem” more professional when she literally said things like “i don’t know if my techniques are right” and “hope it turns into sauce”? anyone who thought she seemed more professional is likely easily influenced/tricked by demeanor. i mean, she didn’t even try to hide it but her way of talking probably tricked you without her even intending to.

    • Melissa Jones says:

      they said ” compared to me.” Nobody mentioned her being better than the chef..

    • Azu Shi says:

      my bad.

  5. Honest Al says:

    “Keep your food in the pot”

    Solid advice to be fair.

  6. Annzalisa says:

    I didn’t realize this was a series

  7. S C says:

    Bro… Im in love with Jade’s personality

  8. Adeel Raza says:

    I hope someone’s told Tara that her thyroid is probably enlarged and it needs to be checked out by a doctor.

    • Georgi Vladev says:

      Look at her neck, most common reason is Hashimoto disease with women, can be Graves disease as well, thyroid hormones’ levels will tell for sure TH3 TH4 TSH

    • Fanni Kinga Pocsveiler says:

      The thyroid is in the neck, so it’s pretty visible and thus it’s easy to spot enlargement. If you look at Tara’s, you’ll notice her neck looks quite swollen, most likely due to the thyroid problems, as mentioned.
      It’s really that simple, there’s no difficulty spotting it.

    • Liv H says:

      Welp let’s hope she already know or she reads the comments

    • Sveta Makoveeva says:

      Did this woman come out and say shes struggling with her health or is everyone just harassing her neck

  9. MBamsbam says:

    Woke up with mic on her pijamas ..suuuuureee

  10. Jordan Hodges says:

    Tara needs to take an acting class

  11. devincrump23 says:

    “Wait what are you doing here” as there is a camera man in her house

  12. Alyssa Lizardo says:

    Jade and Alvin should make a buzzfeed NY food themed series. Their personalities are so different but it wooorksss

  13. Caleb Schwartz says:

    “I’m just gonna cook some bacon as a snack”
    Cooks about a metric ton of bacon

  14. Ken Harrison says:

    The trick to not crying while cutting onions is to not form an emotional bond.

  15. Dc Chen says:

    Please make this a series!!

  16. everestfalls says:

    Damn Jade is chill as efffff. You stare at her and you just instantly feel chill.

  17. Kim Jong-Un says:

    Tara’s acting is like porn acting quality

  18. Bhavya Talwar says:

    The Amateur looks more Professional ?

  19. Bhavya Talwar says:

    2:13 I thought he said I see Nipple Syrup?

  20. Simon James says:

    Please bring back the series on Tasty called The Tastiest ______ I’ve ever eaten. I miss that show!

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