Amazing Creatures Have Been Discovered across the Planet!

Amazing Creatures Have Been Discovered across the Planet!

“Across the planet, amazing creatures have been discovered…” Have you caught any of the Pokémon which are featured in this new Pokémon GO trailer, as narrated by Stephen Fry?

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66 Responses

  1. TigerGames says:

    Brasil 🙂

  2. Nintendo Hall says:

    Discovery Pokèmon

  3. Spurky says:

    The cinematography of the trailer reminds me of Planet Earth I and II. Its like Planet Pokemon.

  4. Pablo Faz says:

    If only the game was like that. Anyway i love gen 3 i want to catch Plusle

  5. Negative Gaming says:

    If only Pokemon were real. I would cuddle up to an Eevee every night whilst sleeping.

    • EarthBoundNess says:

      You could cuddle with a dog :<

    • Robbie Imperial says:

      Negative Gaming
      Did you know, that if an Eevee spends enough time with its trainer, it starts to LOOK like its trainer. Reference its Pokedex entry and that comic dub.

    • Robbie Imperial says:

      Your Basic Gorillaz Fan
      And possibly getting sliced into pieces with its blades, or hit into rapid succession with seeds?
      I don’t think so

    • Robbie Imperial says:

      Gardevoir, the Poke Waifu, and original.
      Creates black holes to protect its trainer. Being attractive may cause the initiator and possibly the whole world to end.

      Lopunny has a higher MALE TO FEMALE RATIO than Female to Male. Picking up a Lopunny with the wrong gender whilst hooking up with it, is filthy…

    • AmazingArcanine 88 says:

      I would cuddle with Bewear

      Jk Bewear would crush me to death so I’ll just stick with Wailord

  6. Because I'm Batman! says:

    I don’t understand why people keep hating Pokemon Go so much, I still like it after almost 2 years of playing

    • Because I'm Batman! says:

      Atleast where I live

    • Luckygirl says:

      Most of the complaints are from people saying how the dev team doesn’t really respond to them or fix bugs/glitches in the game. The other part comes from players who live farther away from areas where pokestops, gyms and raids are. Thus making getting supplies a royal pain in the butt, specially if say your a kid or adult who can’t drive. The point of the game was to encourage walking and exercise, but for most people that’s not an option if you really have nothing out your way.

      I myself stopped after I graduated from university because I didn’t really have the time to play as much now that I’m working. I mean, granted my work location is ideal since I work in a mall, but even the closest pokestop for me is across from my store and I can’t reach it from my work place in the mobile game and I don’t really get breaks so that also affects my gameplay. Also with gyms typically having high levels and high cp pokemon, there really is no way for me to grind easily which I feel should change in the game. Offering various other ways to earn experience aside from capturing.

    • PokeMadness1996 says:

      @soaches its their game the devs should do what they want and the point of pokemon go os supposed to be fast paced action you catch and keep moving people want this whole complicated rpg system pokemon go is about seeing the world and experiencing whats around you and travel that’s why its designed the way it is and the devs have said that repeatedly but people are so entitled and so ignorant they think they control everything and the game Is still small compared to what the devs wanna add game design takes time

      pokemon go isn’t about the battling or the catching its about pokemon finally being in real life

    • AmazingArcanine 88 says:

      Because I’m Batman! Ikr same

    • Henrique Carballo Aranha says:

      Because opinions. Nobody has to like the game just because other people enjoy it.

  7. Willian Davison Ls says:

    *Pokemon My loveeee❤*

  8. snailgirl6 says:


  9. Ritik Mohan says:

    Tooooo satisfying

  10. Andruidus says:

    How many shines does everyone have??? I have 4. (EDIT) In Pokémon GO specifically.

    • Albond says:

      Andruidus *shinies

    • Albond says:

      NICKMProductions *shinies, because otherwise you’re saying ‘I have 24 SHINY IS’ which makes no sense. To pluralise a word ending in ‘y’, you remove the ‘y’ and add ‘ies’. Even if you did just add an ‘s’ to make it plural, you wouldn’t need an apostrophe. Seriously, these are just basic grammar rules, yet you don’t seem to be able to get them right. Smh.

    • Creamy Cookie says:

      Qinling Panda it means fake

    • Hitmontop says:

      Qinling Panda You truly dont, with legendary soft resetting it only takes a few hours. Even random encounters in gen 3 are quicker then go, you cant reliably get a shiny in go

    • ElsmiileyFace says:

      I have six, four shiny pikachu 1 shiny pichu and 1 shiny duskull

  11. Lukayaba says:

    How to waste your budget 101

  12. Dimitri Biboudis says:


  13. Arthur Wacker says:

    Guy sounds like The Narrator of Little Big Planet.

  14. Jordan Sweeto says:

    The music in this trailer is actually so good, love it!

  15. Melody R says:

    Beautifully Done 😍

  16. YoAntoNeo says:

    I feel one day, with our advanced technology & science, the Pokemon company will want to make real biological Pokemon!! And this “documentary” will be made real lol 😊😊😊

  17. ElectroBlastLuigi says:

    I don’t hate the game but can GameFreak upload something that’s not Pokemon Go for once? It’s like every other day they advertise that mobile game despite not many fans caring about it anymore.

  18. Thomas Murphy says:

    Staring David Attenborough

  19. potato waffles says:

    Stephen Fry and Pokémon? What is happening???

  20. Star Wolf says:

    But there’s one Pokémon you can only find in Antarctica… you will never complete your pokedex! Mwahahahhahahhahhaahhahahahahaha

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