AMAZING Facts You Never Knew About SNAPCHAT!-Facts in 5

AMAZING Facts You Never Knew About SNAPCHAT!-Facts in 5

Do Snapchat pictures REALLY disappear, or is your privacy at RISK?! I explain that and everything else you need to know about SNAPCHAT in 5 minutes or less!
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Written/Edited by: Matthew Santoro, Jim Vaylin, Brock Sumner


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20 Responses

  1. earydog says:

    whenever I see this guy I want to punch him in the face

  2. Shrikant Naik says:

    Here in India, a Snapchat story became a issue of newshour debate and all
    political parties wanted to arrest a comedian on a joke. :3

  3. cris p says:

    I find it funny that his green screen works so well because he’s bald ??

  4. Banana says:

    ghostface chilla is the KKK grand wizard

  5. Ali muhammad jawad bhuiyan says:

    Thank u for scarring me for life with that intro… :/ :P

  6. Matt G says:

    Am I only the only one here that thinks snapchat doesn’t really make any
    sense? there is already instagram and whatsapp. Why snapchat?

  7. Nemo Nightmare says:

    I never understood the hype. I dont have a Snapchat, never did, never will.
    Its just something im not into, tbh.

  8. Aubz Bomb says:

    I would add u but my mom says I can’t add boys XD Sorry Matthew???

  9. CouchPatato_ Industries says:

    OK I just said I heard that so fuck off

  10. Sami_Darkangel says:

    I don’t use Snapchat. Probably never will.

  11. Lady Lunar says:

    that end bit could seem really creepy “follow me on snapchat its alot of
    fun if you already follow me you know what im talking about” say that in a
    creepy vioce lol

  12. Pedro Becerra says:


  13. mikiyah brown says:


  14. Jason Ware says:

    never used it or own Snapchat nor will i

  15. Dave Survivor says:

    Other than a ghost I always thought the Snapchat icon looked like one of
    those orange squid-type Japanese foods that you always see in anime…
    Don’t know what they are called T_T

  16. Ozaswei Tamrakar says:

    I just use steam and facebook :D

  17. ThatKidJake says:

    I didn’t call you baldy, baldy.

  18. mike peabody says:

    your videos suck now bro

  19. Dani Ray says:

    I don’t snapchat, but my friend does and it drives me crazy, lol. I just
    don’t see the purpose. You take pictures to preserve memories, I thought.

  20. Sean Gambrill says:

    Let’s face it, he’s been waiting forever to make that thumbnail.