AMAZING Things Found in Thrift Stores THAT MADE PEOPLE RICH

AMAZING Things Found in Thrift Stores THAT MADE PEOPLE RICH

Amazing things found in thrift stores that made people rich! Have you ever went thrifting at a thrift shop and found something interesting? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! Watch HOW THINGS ACTUALLY WORK

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AMAZING Things Found in Thrift Stores THAT MADE PEOPLE RICH


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62 Responses

  1. SSSniperWolf says:

    hope u guys are having a great day (=^・ω・^=)
    what’s the coolest thing you’ve found in a thrift store?

  2. *lυcу gαcнα* says:

    *Everyone Ditches Target And Walmart and Went right to Thrift Stores and Gets Rich*

  3. Hannah Banana says:

    Damn and all I can find at value village is some old musty crusty clothes and books ?

  4. Watermelon Friend says:

    Her: 9 million? No. 50 million.

    If I was the worker
    Me: Mmmm, yo attitude drops the price a couple million. How bout 3? Take it or leave it.

    Her: 3 million?

    Me: no. 3 dollars.

  5. Samantha Chcoski says:

    These are amazing… but my dad did the opposite. He had a diamond ring that had 5 diamonds on it. He got 2 taken off and put them in his coat pocket. He forgot they where in there and donated the jacket to Goodwill. I hope someone found them!?

  6. Sophia Glemaud says:

    Me after watching this video

    Me:mom get your wallet
    Me:were going to thif store

  7. Valerie Wilder says:

    My friend: This is worth $9m

    Me: See you at my funeral ⚰️ ⚰️⚰️??☠️

  8. Camila Valles says:

    I bought a sweater my friend said it ways ugly I searched up the brand It was a designer sweater and It was is worth $72.00 dollars and I got it for $6.99 it is my favorite sweater

  9. 「Alex」 says:

    I’m finally early!

    *is 10 years early,tho ;3*

  10. Night Bat says:

    I found something cool its called disappointment.

    Just summed up whenever I look for something.

    • Grizzly says:

      I found something called disappointment. It was the fact that she won gamer of the year and ninja didn’t

  11. Natasha Zaborski says:

    This is how many people are apart of the wolf pack

  12. Ames Lacroix says:

    That 100million dollars from that huge Pearl is good luck

  13. Shauna Shaman says:

    Tomo I’m going to goodwill and some thrift stores?

  14. mana mana mana mana says:

    The luckiest thing ive ever found in a store if finding $20 in ikea

  15. cobblestone-life crundee says:

    If my friend got something that was worth 9mil I will ask him for a loan cause I’m the one that bought it so I need my share

  16. Pluralizes Everythings says:

    I’m excited when I find a dollar on the street..

  17. Taz Milo says:

    Um I consider myself a good friend…but weaves would be snatched ????

  18. Daniela Thomas says:

    I really want to see you trift shopping! ❤ love you

  19. The Salty Pretzel says:

    I got Mario shoes for $3 and found out they’re worth #80

  20. Anahi Chavez says:

    You should make a video of you going thrift shopping and finding cools things that would make damn good content also I love you girlie❤️❤️?

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