Amazon driver steals wallet out of purse.

Amazon driver steals wallet out of purse.

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19 Responses

  1. Arkadeus says:

    “Black people ruin everything”

  2. Bi773n says:

    So much racism xD

  3. Jared Jeanotte says:

    1:26 barrels the camera lmao

  4. Raul Deluna says:

    How is this news? I am as shocked as I am to see a bird fly or a fish swim.

  5. Vomit The Soul says:

    black people are terrorist and it started with the BLM… it already sounds
    like a terror group. they hate cops and the government, law and order.

  6. t rex says:

    what is wrong with people in thee comments section

  7. Post Crisis says:

    1st is our wallets then our wives then…. OUR BURRITOS!

  8. Neon Light says:

    A 8 out of 10 chance that a black person will end up doing something
    like this and there is more whites than blacks in the USA… black
    lives matter eh? hahaha yeah kiss my ass. Go check out other countries
    of robberies and go see what skin color they are too. Also, go check
    out white genocide in parts of Africa… they are killing the white
    minority farmers off… white lives matter there? naaaa… Speaking about
    parts of African countries, you’ll be surprise that slavery still continues
    where wealthy black Africans enslave their own kind… sad.. Trump 2016 to
    stop kissing ass to blacks.

  9. Joe LoPiccolo says:

    Just another example of colored folk bein’ colored folk. Then they wonder
    why they they remain at the bottom of society. They automatically spell, T
    R O U B L E !

  10. Ytremz says:

    This comment section must be so cringy for every decent white person on the

  11. Ishmael Nenbauer says:

    There’s no evidence that he’s black. Stop being racist.

  12. MIKE WAITE says:

    hey Blm – look another dindu muffin

  13. Tavarish Byele says:

    A black guy stealing? That’s totally unexpected…

  14. brunettebosss says:

    Please check out my first video!!! “BENGAL KITTEN ATTACKS HOUND DOG”

  15. jwka2001 says:

    wow black man stealing now ive seen everything

  16. Felisha says:

    Why the hate on blacks? So what that it was a black person, no one would
    have given a Fuck if he was white and was stealing from a foster home. Not
    all black people are bad you know. Man the World is messed up.

  17. Galactic Specter says:


  18. Sam says:

    And there goes his life and career !

  19. Xcuze says:

    Its funny how black people expect ALL whites to feel responsible for what
    some white folk did 300 years ago with slavery. But they dont want ALL
    black people to feel responsible for the outrageous amount of crime and
    murders their own race is committing right here right NOW in 2016. Digest
    the brazen hypocrisy in that for a second.