Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air

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20 Responses

  1. Something Witty says:

    Like +1

  2. theastridge says:

    what if its pissing it down

  3. MrDono14 says:

    All jokes aside, that is amazing.

  4. Nimish Shah says:

    What about sound ? there will be humming sound every now and then in a
    densely populated area.

  5. Rich Johnson says:

    No drones please, it’s the end of the world

  6. FrequencyOfThought says:

    I’ll just re-route that drone with 14k in jewelry to an open field .

  7. HufftyPuffty says:

    I’m going to make a living off of shooting these things down and reselling
    them. Gotta do whatcha gotta do ;)

  8. Chad Cooper says:

    Want new shoes? Grab a slingshot.

  9. Yohan Ham says:

    dammit I didn’t realize how much I missed the Clarkson til’ now

  10. Green says:

    So… can’t people just shoot down these things?

  11. Noel Hunt says:

    Can’t see this ever coming to northern ireland. Wind blew the my nans teeth
    out today.

  12. coasterpro says:

    Obviously there is more than one flaw in Amazon’s plan. How do you deliver
    to apartment complexes with only a parking lot? How do you deliver to
    businesses with only a store front and a sidewalk? What if you deliver and
    the person forgot to put out the landing pad? What if the pad is placed in
    an unwieldy location? What if kids or pets get a hold of the drone? What if
    the drone malfunctions? And so on and so forth. It’s a great vision in the
    light of idealistic conditions. But in the light of real world conditions..
    eh.. not so much.

  13. Misha BEZEDE says:

    and then there’s ISIS

  14. MF Versace Kid says:


  15. DefiancePlays says:

    I thought when he was going to start singing the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
    theme song when he said, “This is a story” in the beginning.

  16. Dee N says:

    Even though tons of people will dislike and disapprove this idea for
    endless reasons, I”m glad that amazon is thinking about the future. I’m
    sure any new idea ever made has been shot down until they proved everyone
    wrong :)

  17. bigmanjoewilliams says:

    Haha… Jeremy Clarkson.

    So this is what he does now.

  18. Al Daibhis says:

    Oooooh how easy it will be to rob a pair of size 3 Puma Evo Power Firm
    Ground soccer shoe’s…. Chav’s and scumbags everywhere approve of this
    unprotected method of transporting expensive goods

  19. Johnny Quickscope says:

    What if there is no “safe place” for the drone to land?

  20. Doge says:

    How are you going to stop people from stealing the drones though?