Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works

Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion // How it Works

Get your own 3D printed cylinder here :

By popular demand, here is a 3D printed version of the Ambiguous Cylinder illusion by Kokichi Sugihara that caught the internet’s attention in this video :

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20 Responses

  1. TuttixD says:

    dude looks high af :D

  2. Aaron Brosnan says:

    asking the real questions. are you high?

  3. Chance Harding says:

    This cant be real. At 1:34 you can see him swap it out.

  4. Captain Buggy says:

    This video helped me enter the fifth dimension.

  5. joetylerdale says:

    You gave Dobby a sock….

  6. Nikola Tesla says:

    Bernie Sanders! Can confirm this guy is on S4P

  7. tubertom says:

    Ali G asked if God could make a square circle on The Ali G Show: apparently
    he can.

  8. Zeek Mcgee says:


  9. Nicole Krenning says:

    look at the lense when you talk ;)

  10. LoserlyCool says:

    You’re cute.

  11. Dennis Vance says:

    A squarlinder.

  12. Hisss Hisss says:

    I want to fuck this guy

  13. Breyonna Morgan says:

    I’m clapping for you.

  14. Christian Enright says:

    This is a pretty cool channel, definitely earned my subscription! :)

  15. SeanThePro says:

    what I really love about illusions are the fact that it’s not being
    invented, it’s always been around since the beginning of time. I don’t know
    what else guarantees never getting destroyed or lost or extinct or

  16. Yaxiel I. Rivera Alicea says:

    is logic

  17. Quoc Le says:

    I thought he said hybrid Squirtle

  18. JP de la Torre says:

    When I go into your channel it says *”This channel doesn’t have any
    content”*. Fix that, man. You are loosing tons of views.

  19. Evan Thompson (3van) says:

    You should make a 3D printed Keyboard.

  20. PartyPoisonkillJoys says:

    dude clean you’re nails