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Original Music by Christopher Carlone
Twitter: Carlonecmusic

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20 Responses

  1. Abalam Anderson says:

    Domics! I know you’ll never see my comment but I have to tell you how I
    feel man.. I lost my hearing about 3 years ago to a horrible disease I was
    born with, called Mineres disease and over time, it destroys the
    inner-workings of the ear drum and eventually, deafness follows. I
    struggled for 25 years before my hearing finally diminished. Knowing this
    would happen, that I’d be deaf before I was 30, I took to youtube and tried
    to listen to as much music and watch as many videos as I could because one
    day, I’d only be able to reflect on them in my memories. Now, I still watch
    you to this day and I enjoy you still my friend, even being deaf. I’ve
    found my own way to enjoy you and all my other favorite youtubers and in a
    way and in a sense, you have helped me so much through my horrible
    depression, so I just wanna say thanks man! Thanks for being there when you
    had no idea you was even there for me.. .

  2. Hachi Kun says:

    I just want to be a panda.

  3. LunaTheTiger444 Anime, drawing, gaming & cats! says:

    How did u get past trumps wall?

  4. jiminniee says:

    lmao ur aussie accent sounds more british lool

  5. NightcoreStartStop says:

    What do you wanna be when you grow up?

    A normal person: Doctor, firemen, teacher etc

    Me: I wanna be a billionare…

  6. Anne Manning says:

    I want to be a writer, I have already started a book

  7. Shadow Cadet says:

    my dad wants me to be a lawyer
    my mom wants me to be an accountant
    my grandma wanted me to be a docter
    I want to be an architect

  8. Duck of Destiny says:

    I want to be a footballer, and for u Americans, a soccer player

  9. Chloe Does Msp says:

    I would either like to be an artist or an animator on YouTube or Disney

  10. Linklight says:

    someone played runescape ;)

  11. KyuubiKaze says:

    Funny how you’re told you can be whatever you wanna be when you grow up,
    then when you try pursue it, you get criticized and said you’ll be a
    “failure” and won’t make money. Nothing good comes easy, and nothing great
    comes without challenges, you can do it guys, just like Dom!!

  12. RAGE Monk3Y says:

    I WANNA BE A SUPER SAIYAN ;( RAWRRRRRRR (turns super saiyan) I DID IT :)

  13. Rafael Rubio says:

    Well when I was around 6 years old I wanted to be like John Hammond and
    make my own island with dinosaurs!!! Of course I got the idea from the
    Jurassic park movie, but still. As I grew up I realize that it was a pretty
    stupid idea. For many years I didn’t knew what I wanted to be … until a
    year ago, (I always liked music and played guitar and bass sometimes), I
    started a rock band with some friends, I have never had so much fun and joy
    doing anything else. I really felt this is the thing I want to be, to play
    music but well my parents didn’t saw it that way … so now I am studying
    aeronautical engineering. Yaaay :|

  14. I GOT JaMs says:

    you should sign up for voice acting 🙂 I really like your voice ;)

  15. Nathan Lockwood says:

    The fuckin Aussie accent killed me! I swear none of you YouTubers can do it

  16. A suspect black cat says:

    I think this is why instead of immediately going to college like everyone
    pushes you to, you should really find out what YOU want to do and what you
    enjoy, and work and strive for it until your reach your goals and once you
    reach those goals keep setting the bar higher and higher make your goals
    bigger. From a young age it is driven into our heads that college is the
    only way to get a good job or make a living. But some degrees are
    completely useless in terms of breaking into the field. A doctor for
    example requires years of study, but no one goes to school to become a
    sculptor or and artist. Do what you actually want to do, not what everyone
    else tells you, or you could easily end up with a useless degree and tons
    of debt.

  17. BenjaminSkates55 says:


  18. Maya Roban says:

    your on the trending page woooo

  19. Handy says:

    “What do you want to do when you grow up”

    Me: “I want to drink bleach and hang my self because why not”

  20. ShatPixels says:

    5:31 The drawing looks like the thumbnail on Yandere Dev’s gaming club
    benefits video :3