America Ferrera’s Busy 2018: Pregnancy And The ‘Time’s Up’ Movement

America Ferrera’s Busy 2018: Pregnancy And The ‘Time’s Up’ Movement

‘Superstore’ star America Ferrera will spend 2018 not only creating awareness about the sexual harassment problem in Hollywood through the new organization ‘Time’s Up’… she’ll also be creating a baby!

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40 Responses

  1. Winston Brooks says:

    Pretty lady!!!

  2. Håkon Andreas Olaussen says:

    Who the hell names their kid “America”?

  3. New Message says:

    She needs to run against Trump. I mean.. name recognition alone, right? And she’s already great!

  4. Nat alie says:

    Woohoo! Keep kicking ass and taking names !! ❤

  5. Maeve Noor says:

    “Are those dragons?” 😂😂😂

    Btw … I love me some elves, but Aragorn all the way 😍💕

  6. New Message says:

    “I’t like that, but less… ”

    Sibling fucking? ‘Cause I heard Smeagol And Deagol may have been brothers… And SOMETHING was totally going on there.

  7. Driftwood Gaming says:

    I love all of you who work on this channel. Keep up the great work!

  8. Nandakumar K says:

    Stephen’s face when she said she hasn’t watched The Lord of the Rings 😂

  9. lolzkittenz says:

    Betty was too busy at Mode to watch LOTR!

  10. BahliPadma says:

    “We didn’t begin the work. We’re here to amplify…” Yes. YES.

  11. Nels says:

    I prefer Aragorn as a character, but Legolas is OP and would win.

  12. healthymadness says:

    Ferrera for POTUS!! She speaks so eloquently and is a great ambassador for this campaign, I fully support it

  13. Alien OrSutin says:

    She’s great … again.

  14. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “Who would win in a fight: Aragorn or Legolas?”
    “Are those dragons?”
    Oh, the way Stephen reacted! XD
    “Have you seen _Lord of the Rings?”_
    “I’ve seen _Game of Thrones.”_
    Oh. Ha. I’ve seen neither. So there.

  15. Marcus Chan says:

    I’m glad she made she made sure she clarified that it applies to women AND men who have faced sexual harassment. The #MeToo movement is all about all people who have been sexually harassed. <3

  16. The Gilbear says:

    The way she carries herself gave me chills. I hope she considers public service.

  17. Michael Teixeira says:

    That was some speech. I can’t even read that fluidly some days and she just did her whole super well worded spiel off her head. I couldn’t even tell you what I had for breakfast that fluidly.

  18. Nick Stephen Lim says:

    STEPHEN needs America on the show more to crack us up…”are those dragons?” his face same as Donald winning that NIGHT?

  19. Michael Berthelsen says:

    Gorgeous, lovely lady. Congratulations on the pregnancy!❤😊

  20. 154angel154 says:

    Ok OK, but why did the band play “Creep” by TLC as America walked out?!!!

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