America Recasts the Mario Movie

America Recasts the Mario Movie

Video donkey brings in the top experts from the country.

with uncle dane

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46 Responses

  1. Patterrz says:

    You should have told them how cool Chris Pratt is, then they would care more

    • RetryAgainAgain says:

      @No Way What is the term for the variety of ignorance that causes one to believe people of the same gender can’t get married?

    • DEMOlition says:

      @alex rogers Christians are not hateful group they are quite the opposite at least in my country. I am an atheist btw. By your logic 70% of Americans are be homophobic ?

    • Juliet Azariah says:

      I love how people actually just have a chat with him. I know I would if I was at my old shitty retail job lol

    • it is a mystery says:

      @DEMOlition 70% of Americans aren’t even religious, nevermind Christian

    • Samuel Rodriguez says:

      Chris Pratt is religious what do you expect him not to go to church you understand 70% of the U.S.A is like Christian right idk why people moaning about that. I’m not even religious myself I’m Agnostic

  2. Michael Jae says:

    If only we got the Mario movie that starred Dunkey as all the characters

  3. Xavier Zahn says:

    Dunkie:”Who would you cast as Mario?”

    “Shaquille Oneal”💀💀💀

  4. tko03 says:

    He called a Mario’s in Pratsville.

    Dunkey’s comedy has achieved levels far beyond our understanding

  5. CircleToonsHD says:

    These are my favorite style videos you make, man. Always gives me belly laughs

  6. taylor allen says:

    I love how happy the man gets when Dunkey tells him Bob Hoskins is Mario

  7. 2 Left Thumbs says:

    Dunky putting Sans’ theme for the outro music on his prank call video is perfect.
    Really, that’s a casting that makes a lot of sense! Sans and Dunky are both pranksters. So when it comes time to make the Undertale movie, we already have the casting for Sans locked in. It was so obvious!!
    Sans should be played by David Boreanaz!

  8. mountaindewherbert says:

    Al Pacino is actually a sleeper for Waluigi.

    Key point: having an Italian, Roman-Catholic background, he’s unlikely to be circumcised, just like Waluigi, which Nintendo has confirmed for some reason. Good luck finding another American actor who can say the same.

    Before you reply like “oh, how is that even going to be relevant??” Think about it. Really think about it. Tell me that’s *not* the Mario movie you want to see in the year 2k22.

    • keyhole150 says:

      @Severinus3 I think you mean… circumcisional evidence 😎

    • mountaindewherbert says:

      @era what, no, it couldn’t possibly be fake.

      If you think about it logically, what makes more sense?

      Nintendo, a family-friendly company announcing for no reason that one of the characters was circumcised – let’s be real, probably because it’s not done often in Japan and they’re trying to create a dialogue worldwide about how it might be harmful in some cases, or at least unnecessary in most – providing no benefit to most people if you practice proper hygiene . . . .

      Or somebody made that up, on the internet of all places – possibly for money or clicks? It honestly seems too fake to actually be fake.

      I’m not seeing it.

    • Odealian affairs says:

      @Clinton hes like game grading companies but for foreskin

    • KuuhakuDesu says:

      This comment is gold, holy shit

    • era says:

      @mountaindewherbert shocking news, i know

  9. Brian Wahl says:

    That Shaquille O’Neil response hit me like a ton of bricks.

  10. Games-BnB says:

    I love Peach, because I’m Mario 😍

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