American Airline Responds To Cenk Uygur

American Airline Responds To Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks discusses the response from American Airlines after he was kicked off a plane in LAX. Check out more of Cenk’s Facebook videos at

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20 Responses

  1. Josh Dye says:

    Holy Shit, he actually did call it!

  2. Ryan Officer says:

    But did they finally refund your money?

  3. dckmatrixxx says:

    what a baby you was about this whole thing

  4. Recaked Esquire says:

    I fly AA…because I’m not rich.

  5. pinkeye00 says:

    This is simply not public domain. It’s a private airline. If you feel this
    is “Freedom of Speech”, you are about as wrong as it comes. Each airport
    and airline operates a private domain. Much like a mall, it is NOT public
    domain ergo, you can be kicked out of a mall as an comparison, much in the
    same way as you can be kicked off a plain. You have 0-rights to do that.
    They can ask you leave, no matter if you feel unjustly treated. Lame …
    you are being an ass. I would have put you in jail, if I could.

  6. Rick Rowski says:

    Glad you had A bad time

  7. Tabitha Morgan says:

    Guantanamo Bay is where he should be, communist dirt bag.

  8. DrGerbils says:

    “That’s our policy” just means “that’s the way we do things”. Cenk referred
    to AA’s no filming policy as a rule. It’s not a rule, it’s a policy. There
    is no law against filming airline employees. There is nothing in your
    contract with AA that prohibits you from filming AA employees. (There may
    actually be a no filming clause in the fine print no one reads, but it’s
    doubtful that it’s part of the contract, if only because everyone knows no
    one reads it.) AA’s policy of not allowing filming was not a restriction
    Cenk had to follow.

  9. Dumb Troll says:

    10$ says that this will be on Drama Alert by Monday.


  10. Letty Lem-Burruel says:

    By the way…if they claim “policy” for doing whatever they want I have
    always asked (politely) for the signage, pamphlets, or otherwise visibly
    written policies in which they are referring to…it works in making a lot
    of power hungry a-holes backtrack and eventually back off on trying to push
    you around. I’ve done it with police (got spat on by one sergeant for my
    trouble), banks, schools, etc. Basically anywhere that jerks in charge
    congregate when they see a situation in which they can make so much worse.
    Policy should be visible and/or readily available…not made up on the

  11. Greg Cunningham says:

    Next time Cenk, don’t be a dick head and you won’t be kicked off.

  12. Sean Blackstone says:

    This video is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long. Illuminati confirmed.

  13. Noodle Head says:

    Yu look like yu like dick Cenk yu bitch ass nigga!!!

  14. MrBrenman21 says:

    Let’s put a body camera on you and see how you like it.

  15. Dan K says:

    Bout time someone kicks you JERKS…I mean Turks.

  16. Rafael says:

    Hey, Cenk, stop being an Armenian Holocaust denier.

  17. darrenpwatt says:

    wonder what they found in the cavity search huh? another made up story..

  18. KalimaShaktide says:

    Well done American Airlines…just joined my boycott list. Not that I am a
    fan of Cenk but I very much dislike this bullying tactics.

  19. News Flash says:

    Cenk come on man, they saw you coming, they were just waiting for an
    opportunity to annoy you bro !

  20. Alex Summers says:

    I live in Arizona