American Airlines employee allegedly hits woman with stroller, confronts angry passenger

American Airlines employee allegedly hits woman with stroller, confronts angry passenger

In an argument, an American Airlines employee challenged a passenger to hit him after a woman holding a baby was allegedly hit a stroller by the airlines staff.

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20 Responses

  1. DW Jackson says:

    Passenger was hoping for lawsuit $$$

  2. lawrence tendler says:

    Please ,next time have her taken off the flight ,she is just a trouble-maker.

  3. Edward Limney says:

    Go Greyhound?

  4. sykopants1 says:

    haha tough guy passenger stands up wanting fame….are you filming me I’m going to be famous on YouTube if I intervene

  5. Visteo Bman says:

    Some amazing comments… the only thing I saw was an AA employee not properly trained to deal with the public…

  6. Harry Shahrum says:

    that bold guy have no hair because he is a dick

  7. Suyapa Opina says:

    The way that American Airlines employee came up to that big man with that stinking attitude, I definitely believe that this LADY was MISTREATED by him. ???

  8. jules b says:

    Every other person on the flight thinking please don’t let her be sitting next to me I just want to get home last thing I need is her shit.

  9. Sandler23 says:

    This is why Asian airlines hire cute young women while US carriers hire these rude assholes.

  10. Alastair Lewis says:

    fakest cry i eva seen

  11. Adam the Legend says:

    Southwest Airlines your next……

  12. Ava Karkekian says:

    what is it with hysterical pussies always using this airline?

  13. Tee Banger says:

    what a vile little man, lets hope he is looking for a job right now

  14. Driz M says:

    Women carrying a two babies without a husband….hmm?? she’s probably trouble seeking whore and deserved it ?

  15. Bob Albin says:

    The baby appears to be just fine. Could it be a bunch of over reacting adults?

  16. Julian Hess says:

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    we drag people out
    and hit mothers too
    ~American Airlines

  17. SangWon Lee says:

    유나이티드 항공사에 이어 아메리칸항공사에서 승무원이 유모차 보안체크를 위한 과정중 여성 승객과 약간의 몸싸움(접촉?) 후 말싸움 하는 장면입니다.

    +울고 있는 여성이 피해자이며, 자신의 아이가 떨어질뻔해 위험했다며 울분을 터트리고 있고 한 남성이 여성을 도와주며, 승무원에게 이름을 묻게 되었고 승무원(대머리)이 움찔해서 지랄하는 대화 내용입니다.

    보안상의 문제이긴 했으나, 아이와 엄마에 대해 너무 과한 행동으로 비난 받고 있습니다.

    이로인해 아메리칸항공사에서는 해당 승무원에게 자세한 조사 결과가 나오기까지 업무 중지라는 처벌을 내렸습니다.

  18. Zhenya Piontkovskaya says:

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  19. Gordaton says:

    So many companies taking L’s this year, damn.

  20. Don'tBeASaltyJackass says:

    he should work at united airlines

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