American heckler II

American heckler II

David Johnson of North Dakota on sinking the putt of his life

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15 Responses

  1. FS1 Assignment Desk says:

    Hi, did you shoot this video? If so, can FOX Sports have permission to use
    it as part of an online/TV segment? We’d courtesy your YouTube page. Please
    email us at

  2. sports89man11 says:

    Swallowed my puke lol

  3. bigfurhat bigfurhat says:

    Citizen reporters have to be compensated for their work.
    Don’t let the enemedia steal your work for free.
    25K is too much.
    1500 dollars sound about right.

  4. Moe Cubeau says:

    Hey – now that he’s won $100, he’s no longer an amateur~

  5. K Louden says:

    date rapist

  6. belthize says:

    Good sense of humor about the whole thing. Little bit of bravado and then
    admit the truth: close your eyes, don’t puke and hope.

  7. Michael Gro says:

    Why the flying fuck is this trending?

  8. Daily Foodie says:

    Pays to be a heckler?

  9. Muhammad Al-Hamid Muktar El-Housseini says:

    Jim Halpert?

  10. ChargersFanSD says:

    What the hell is this shit?

  11. Matt Cowan says:

    Calling them out.. stepping up like a boss…calling it out halfway to the
    cup… and celebrating like tiger woods on 18th green… AWESOME…

  12. Joel says:

    I hope he got his c note signed.

  13. Regrens says:

    Scarce is fat

  14. Jason Malone says:

    later on he’s on Ellen winning a lifetime supply of golf balls

  15. Jesse A says:

    I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings