American Honey Official Trailer #1 – Shia LaBeouf, Sasha Lane Movie HD

American Honey Official Trailer #1 – Shia LaBeouf, Sasha Lane Movie HD

American Honey Official Trailer #1 – Shia LaBeouf, Sasha Lane Movie HD
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A teenage girl with nothing to lose joins a traveling magazine sales crew, and gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard partying, law bending and young love as she criss-crosses the Midwest with a band of misfits.

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20 Responses

  1. Voznix says:

    Shia went down hill hard, this movie looks bad.

  2. iTTzViPEr 1 says:

    just do it

  3. zarul luraz says:

    beautiful? For our generation to messed up like that? Wth?

  4. Zach says:

    filmed on the new IPhone.5 6GS

  5. Tai Fields says:

    This looks really good. Some people will hate me for this but I think Shia
    deserves at least one Oscar in his life

  6. Earthquake says:

    Looks like another bad movie

  7. jake holley says:

    anyone know the name of the songs?

  8. JiffGaming - Road to 1K SUBS says:

    A24 Films have yet to fail me so we shall see.

  9. AJ Galindo says:

    A24 never disappoints

  10. johnny granillo says:

    just do it! :)

  11. Calume Shropshire says:


  12. Solomon Kane says:

    the most repulsive movie trailer ive seen in a while.

  13. Michael Berryhill says:

    Oh but I thought Shia quit acting only to throw up this. I half expected
    their car to transform.

  14. GameBonesPro says:


  15. Bridger says:

    I’m a young under 20 guy.
    And this movies seems to predictable, stereotypical, mainstream and boring.
    So who’s the target audience?

  16. Hunter Webster says:

    I don’t want to see this movie.
    doesn’t that say enough?

  17. rift0tripper says:

    This ain’t a fictional movie! This is a documentary on how Shia lebouf
    lives his life year round! Come on! Get with it folks!

    Besides that I hate when stories have love between two people. I don’t
    really identify with movies like those.

  18. robot bwz says:

    don’t let ur dreams be dream.

  19. Nexcyus says:

    *im not famous anymore*

  20. devon bentley says:

    looks weird but good.. I’ll be seeing it!