American Horror Story 6: Official Preview | FX

American Horror Story 6: Official Preview | FX

See what’s coming next…


American Horror Story is an anthology horror drama series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning franchise is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television.


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20 Responses

  1. Kevin Falk says:

    Wow this is different but honestly i’m impressed there taking this in a
    different direction and definitely looks like were going back to basics and
    genuinely looks scary as well definitely on board with this and hopefully
    ends up being a great season!!

  2. mfchimichanga says:

    I cant muster the fuck to give for any of these characters. very boring

  3. Xaldin fash says:

    soooo lame and boring

  4. Superhero Fan says:

    My Roanoke Nightmare is a show within the show. Its not the actual show. I
    don’t get what’s the point of having this framing device though.

  5. Stefan Ackermann says:

    I loved it! I kinda needed more than just an hour for the first episode and
    was also expecting to see Lady Gaga. But this was actually exciting and
    scary. Not like HOTEL or FREAK SHOW. Those 2 seasons were just trying to
    impress its audience with visuals and makeup. I think this season is going
    for a more mature audience than the previous ones.

  6. Nathan Creek says:

    is gaga next to kathy in that opening shot????

  7. Cat Attack says:

    i have no idea whats going on, this is so confusing

  8. abbas ashraf says:

    See My Roanoke Nightmare doesn’t fit. You have Murder House, Asylum, Coven,
    Freak Show and Hotel. All of those are things you can be inside. A better
    fitting subname could of been Colony, Village, Cabin, Forest or simply

  9. Luis Pacheco says:

    This season literally scared me for the first time in a long time watching
    this show. The suspense and plot has me hooked. I could tell this is going
    to be a good season. Thank You Ryan for listening to us.

  10. Joaquin Cabrera says:

    I thought I was watching paranormal witness. I love the show but wtf. I kno
    its the first episode n I got that Halloween vibe from it but honestly
    waited forever for some shit I can see in sci fi.

  11. Aaron Williams says:

    yasss queen Kathy is getting back to her misery roots. I can’t wait for
    this legendary actress to slay once again

  12. Reign Network says:

    I actually really like it so far… But it’s missing the intro and that is
    really pissing me off if it’s not in the next episode Ima really be

  13. Deceptatronic says:

    Okay, still lost. wtf is this season about?

  14. Jasmin risu says:

    I know this is just a preview but I expected more ( the teasers look more
    interesting then the preview)

  15. Ethereal Plumbob says:

    I mean, I like that they are doing something different, but I honestly
    don’t think I like it. I will try to watch it though.

  16. pathways678 says:

    Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by the season premiere. I’m going to watch one
    more episode and if I don’t like it, im done with it.

  17. Deceptatronic says:

    So far my favorite character is Angela Bassett’s wig. It slays every scene.

  18. Daniel Martin says:

    So many retards were wondering what the episode was about all night. It was
    obvious after the first commercial break

  19. Tommy Estrada says:

    Marcia Clark and OJ get married and buy a farm house

  20. axident says:

    AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare is such a clunky title ???