American Horror Story Season 7 Trailer

American Horror Story Season 7 Trailer

American Horror Story Cult Trailer. Courtesy of FX Networks.

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20 Responses

  1. I am very hungry says:

    Oh god.. here comes the sanctimonious, angry, rude and vicious Trump supporters. Then again, what’s new?

  2. The Joker says:

    Sigh. You freaks need to accept that Donald is the president and he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. He’s nothing like Hitler. You’re all just afraid to work. #MAGA

  3. Erika めでる says:

    BOO!!! More liberal propaganda.

  4. codeinecunt says:

    i would fuck long blue haired even peters so fast and that says a lot cause im gay so

  5. Cavespider4396 says:

    yall this actually looks kinda good. not nearly as good as Murder House or Asylum or Coven ofc but this looks really interesting and I’m kinda excited? Idk I’m glad Sarah gets to be gay again ahahaha

  6. Mr. Sashay Ardor says:

    0:05 The most satisfying and erotic sound in the world is a Liberals scream as their fantasy world shatters and they come back to reality.

  7. Sidetracked says:

    Really? So Donald Trump is going to cause clowns to attack a lesbian couple? And Trump supporters are cult members? Could Hollywood be anymore Liberal?

  8. Chris Vickers-Rynecki says:

    Woah, a show where somebody talks about the election! How original! Definitely haven’t seen anything like this in the past couple of years. It’s so fresh I just can’t believe nobody’s talked about it or parodied it before. Thank you AHS for keeping one step ahead of everyone!

  9. xinksly says:

    I want Evan Peters inside me

  10. Aaron G says:

    I’ll love ahs no matter what because im a supportive fan that sees great content and horror when he sees it. No matter what kind. I’ll give this one a chance just like i did all the rest. It looks good tbfh. I honestly think those complaining are still hooked on past seasons like murder house and coven and has forgotten that lots of things change each season. Comparing this to murder house is more idiotic than comparing asylum to motel or freak show to Roanoke. If you hate it dont watch it….simple.

  11. liz says:

    *starts humping tv because donald trump is president*

    yes i just love this show..

  12. scubafire4 says:

    Wow trump bashing in AHS. Here I thought I could get away from it on the late night shows and the news. Fuck me right?

  13. caseyw1286 says:

    I can’t wait to see the shit storm of Tweets Donald Trump makes over this. It should be VERY interesting!

  14. Erika Z says:

    not far off from real life at all, that’s what makes it more terrifying

  15. Kiwi Birdyy says:

    If the vision of society crumbling is Donald trump being president then we are living in first world bliss and privilege, I feel grateful to live in a society where our biggest problems are the non-existent racism and made up gender wage gap. I’m Mexican/black and a woman and am so happy, I respect everyone’s beliefs but when the extreme right or left goes off in riots things get ridiculous. Have nothing to fight or stand for? Make up a movement. That’s where we are and I’m pretty happy because things ARE good if you aren’t delusional that is 💅🏻

  16. Rachel Hollars says:

    Look guys, I get you hate Trump and think republicans are satan, I really do. But could you please shut up about them for like a minute? Can you manage that?

  17. nathan hensn says:

    I’m not a fan of Trump but political opinions are soaked into everything! Espn, local radio, News, Movies, talk shows, Youtube, water cooler talk, regular tv shows, twitter. It’s all I hear and see every time I listen, watch, or read anything. Now one of my beloved series has fallen into the same trap. I’m quiting this show cold turkey like I did with ESPN, twitter, and news. It’s a disgrace that Hollywood has to saturate everything with politics.

  18. ArtRoomProductions says:

    American Comedy Story! I laughed so hard when they mentioned trump winning while the chick cried. What happen to horror genre? #Makehorrorgreatagain

  19. Jesus Christ says:

    Trump supporters call Liberals “snowflakes” and yet here they are bitching about a television show that’ll only have this storyline for a season…. *lol*

  20. Dictator Ethan says:

    Lemmie guess, trump got elected and he’s sending a bunch of evil nazi clowns led by Evan peters after a lesbian couple? Pathetically predictable

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