American Kids Try – Episode 7: Coffee from Around the World

American Kids Try – Episode 7: Coffee from Around the World

For licensing and media requests:

Cafe au Lait – France
Espresso & soda water – Italy
Turkish coffee – Turkey / Greece
Matcha cappuccino – Japan
Mazagran – Portugal
Eiskaffe – Germany

Produced, Directed, and Edited by

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20 Responses

  1. [NAV] says:

    7:32 the lil Asian dude flips his mom off lmao

  2. Joshua Takahashi says:

    blonde kid is becoming my favorite hahaha

  3. Feon Lmaru says:

    What kind of Coffee do you like ?
    ” Starbucks ”
    Now that’s a white girl right there

  4. Boston Prince says:

    that little Eugene is too much, …

  5. Emma Hanley says:

    “I just drank coffee, oh noooo”

  6. Bartu Efe Kose says:

    As a turkish i laughed so hard when blonde boy said “oh poor turkeys ”
    He’s reallyyy cute

  7. Alicia N Gonzalez says:

    I used to love that little Asian kid but lately he keeps getting more and
    more bratty.

  8. Atouriina says:

    The Asian kid was definitely my absolute favorite to watch… not so much
    lately. Mom needs to discipline him a bit, he seems to be getting out of

  9. ThatAussieGirl says:

    The ginger siblings are simply precious. So sweet and well spoken for their
    Also the other girl saying she only liked Starbucks broke my heart. That
    aint coffee, thats overpriced, poorly made, sugary shite. thank god that
    hellchain never suceeded in Oz

  10. Withur Shield says:

    That’s one kid has a lot of violent thoughts. Always wanting to throw
    something at or hit the producers.

  11. fashionista1zombie says:

    I know that he’s a kid and all but that boy should not have spit it out on
    the table that’s just gross and rude

  12. Seulil P says:

    That kid was so hyped on turkeys ??

  13. sowra youil says:

    The ginger kids are so cute ??

  14. QueenT Makeup says:

    Guy:do you like coffee
    Guy: what kind of coffee do you like

  15. Henry Thomas says:

    WAIT do they have tookeys?!?! AHHH so cute I’m dying

  16. Blaze Harrison says:

    7:22 That Asian kid took $50 dollars from his mom. Red flags, or is that
    just me?

  17. Emma Carlson says:

    The little blonde boy is so cute!!!

  18. {ฯฯ says:

    if that asian kid was my son id tear his ass up when we got home for taking
    50 bucks from me

  19. iman elafia says:

    I love the ginger kids

  20. Weabooys says:

    Hahah, that blond kid is so innocent it’s fucking hilarious.