American Kids Try School Lunches from Around the World

American Kids Try School Lunches from Around the World

Kids try school lunches from around the world.

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Produced, Directed, and Edited by

Vanessa & Talbot

School Lunch Menu:
India – Sambar, sweet kesari, rice, chaas
Sweden – swedish pancakes, hardtack w/ cheese, lingonberry juice, carrot salad
Japan – curry udon, burdock salad, potato croquette, strawberry milk
Cuba – yellow pea soup, taro root, fried plantain, chicken croquette, rice
France – ratatouille, grilled salmon, rice, brie, baguette, fruit yogurt
Kenya – githeri
Afghanistan – high energy biscuit

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20 Responses

  1. ebscoHOST says:

    I’ve never wanted to throw a chair at a child but I think today I found the
    urge and the child.

  2. Msptomb says:

    Knäckebröd is love, knäckebröd is life <3

  3. izzsabel says:

    ayeeee that’s not japanese, it’s korean milk :3 and the boy in the navy
    blue shirt is sooooo adorable <3

  4. Sexy Jazzin says:

    I want to punch all of these fucken little bitch kids. Especially the
    little bitch with the blue shirt. If that was my kid, i’d would’ve
    roundhouse kicked him in the face for not eating the food and bitching
    about it. They’re kids in the world who die of starvation everyday, and
    these pricks are being little picky fucks. Fuck them and their parents for
    giving birth to these maggots.

  5. louis romero says:

    Lol american kids cant recognise real cheese because they’re too used to
    kraft singles.

  6. NewDemolish says:

    That thumbnail…

  7. georgeman27 says:

    I have one question. What exactly do American kids eat for a school lunch?
    All of these meals looked awesome(except maybe the Afghanistan biscuit) ,
    if I compare them to the meals we used to get in communist eastern block,
    when I was young.

  8. variares 10 says:

    I cringed so hard while watching this

  9. Britney Newman says:

    I know this was supposed to introduce children to different cultures but
    all it did was make me want to strangle most of the spoiled rotten pieces
    of shit. Especially “i don’t like soup, noodles, cheese, etc.”… social
    experiment turned rage mode.

  10. Zuleykha Muha says:

    That was really funny!

  11. 0815egal0815 says:

    Interesting that many don’t know how to use chopsticks 😀 However, I had a
    Chinese family living on my street until the 4th grade [their daughter was
    in my class before they moved to the UK] and they even had their own
    restaurant – so, for me it’s obvious why I can eat with chopssticks 😀
    [Although I think I don’t do it exactly correct, but if it works it’s okay
    I guess 😉 ] And I know that some of my friends also know how to eat with
    chopsticks as I’m always being told to ask for chopsticks, when I order
    Chinese [or Japanese] food 😛 Actually I personally also prefer to eat
    Chinese food with chopsticks – It shouldn’t make a difference in taste, but
    – I don’t know – it’s different.. :P

  12. TUPACAMARU21 says:


  13. Basil Juan III says:

    some of these require a refined palette in order for you to appreciate.
    especially the indian food.

  14. Gregory Mark Young says:

    Kenya *puts bowl of nothing in front of child as 3 fly land on their face*

  15. Hannes Hiie says:

    Now let’s make a video where kids around the world try American school
    lunches…bet that most of them would die to obesity…

  16. abdi ali says:

    I love the kids.

    They’re not like the grown people who lie just to please everyone. You see
    them on t.v where they eat dead antelopes balls and then pretend they love
    it, ‘mmmmmmm…delicious’.

    Kids keep it real. I salute them

  17. Chitrabasu Khare says:

    That’s why i hate kids…

  18. Jacqueline M Cote says:

    I love how you gave them Korean milk to go with their Japanese lunch but
    okay :P

  19. PlatiniumOG says:

    ne7na ken 3andna mnekeesh

  20. syviethorne says:

    not gonna lie france’s lunch looked delicious