American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown – 2015 Belmont Stakes (G1)

American Pharoah wins the Triple Crown – 2015 Belmont Stakes (G1)

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20 Responses

  1. robert hardt says:

    Excellent Quality Video!

  2. Tent Growing says:

    i cried when he won,i was 6 in 78 when it was last one, we are big horse

  3. DBKetch says:

    This was 1 for the ages. 1 you can tell your kids, your grand kids about.
    WTG American Pharoah!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dtrix10kc says:

    I saw Secretariat win the Triple Crown. I saw Affirmed win it all as well.
    I had begun to think that I would never see this happen again in my
    lifetime. When they entered the Clubhouse turn with American Pharaoh in the
    lead, I started to cry and wailed at the television as he came down the
    stretch, “Oh my God! Finally! Finally! We have a new Triple Crown winner!
    Finally!” What a magnificent horse. Thank you Pharaoh. Thank you so much.

  5. Sid Henning says:


  6. redgrapeskins says:

    A very poor crop of 3 year olds this year …The losers just followed
    him at his own pace…. and it was a very slow 3/4. mile .

  7. Jake W says:

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  8. Bullet Tooth Tony says:

    Asterisk for steroids incoming. No way that was a clean horse. That
    cheating fucking asshole horse will be on TV apologizing to the world soon,
    just you wait. 

  9. Ken Stemwedel says:

    fixed ..what race

  10. Tyger Jones says:

    +Patty Cake
    Yes! Especially since I had $100 at 5 to 1 on the side with a friend who
    believed the Triple would never again be won..

  11. Ethan Gilson says:


  12. John Lizaso says:

    whats the story behind this horse?

  13. Lastly More says:


  14. Antonio Vigil says:

    don’t really care about horse racing but i somewhat was enjoyed( guess its
    not my thing) i just want to know how many people became rich off of this.

  15. Giuseppe Kennedy says:


  16. David Salado says:

    I will never understand how this is considered a sport. Its a midget on a
    horse, whipping it. The horse is a great athlete. At least, we can stop
    hearing about the triple crown drought for maybe a year … dumbest story
    in “sports”.

  17. 93joeanthony says:

    “Makes his run for glory”
    That gave me chills 

  18. Lou Olson says:


  19. MatrixFactoryGuy says:

    American Pharoah is no Secretariat,…not by a long shot! Secretariat
    still to this day has the record at the Bellmont,.. 2:24 ,…two and a half
    seconds faster than Pharoah at 2:26.5 If they had run head to
    head,..Secretariat would have beaten Pharoah by *SEVEN LENGTHS* !!!

  20. Loraine Washington says: