American woman wins NYC marathon for first time in 40 years

American woman wins NYC marathon for first time in 40 years

Shalane Flanagan made history as she crossed the finish line.

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46 Responses

  1. Leroy D. Griffin says:


  2. Senor Cabeza de Grande says:

    If men and women are so equal why then is there a woman winner and a man winner? Could it be that women are not the same as men in performance?

  3. Ash Ravenwood says:

    OMG and she’s not Kenyan?!

  4. Sarofill Edwan says:

    She probably republican, cause she is winning!

  5. Tyler says:

    Did you just assume her gender?!!!

  6. Boomer5150 says:

    I’m waiting for calls of racism because she’s white.

  7. moon dog grey says:

    First woman wins…15 minutes behind the real winner.

  8. MGTOW says:

    So basically the Kenian guy won …

  9. M L says:

    You go girl!! Congratulations!

  10. Alifidy says:

    Why is this all political can you just appreciate how fucking fast that time is tho

  11. michael says:

    Good for her. But fox news is b.s.

  12. Crudezz Bruh says:

    4k views and its trending, WTF youtube, seriously fucked up system right here.

  13. Minecraft Marek says:

    That’s pretty sad

  14. Sol Dalaris says:

    lmao fucking clickbait, last time I checked marathons are all inclusive and both men and women run together, I thought a woman legit won but nah, she won among other women roflmao

  15. ItsaCOlEWORLD says:

    What is she doing out of the kitchen??

  16. Freedom isn't free! says:

    Take her award, Only Black Lives Matter in America, she is white and that isn’t fair! Of course, this will be what CNN will say, bigots.

  17. J Smith86 says:

    A white woman beat a black guy from Africa. Thought I would never see the day! Lol😁😂

  18. maynunal says:

    was there a ban on African Muslims ???

  19. M4Boxer805 says:

    It’s not a clickbait it’s common knowledge that track/road races are separated by sex and it’s been 40 years since a US win.

  20. Hudson Stronck says:

    try: first american woman wins NYC marathon in 40 years

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