Americans could see tax bill impact in early 2018

Americans could see tax bill impact in early 2018

Less money could be withheld from people’s paychecks as soon as February, according to the IRS, but those tax cuts for individuals will expire after eight years.

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88 Responses

  1. Mark Bridenbeck says:

    So ur saying that we’ll see a break but in 8 yrs it’s going back up higher so in all reality it evens out

    • Mark Bridenbeck says:

      Banish All I didn’t want to say that bc it wasn’t meant to bash n e one side however we couldn’t get lucky enough to have a republican in office for the 2nd time they’ll put a Democrat into office to even this country back out

    • Howtostudies says:

      Mark Bridenbeck unless you are making billions, then you make millions more

    • flewjewcoop says:

      Mark…It does not “go back up”…It expires. Congress can vote to extend the breaks for the middle class at that time. The Corporate tax rate could not be set to expire or there would be no incentive for them to go to the huge expense of relocating back into the U.S.

    • Mark Bridenbeck says:

      flewjewcoop I get that and that’s why I say bc by that time it “expires” a Democrat could be back in office and vote for the taxes to gradually go back up. That’s how my luck runs. Just when we get comfortable and adjust our way of life built around check to check they’ll mess it all up again

    • BuBBz says:

      Sisi Here in NY i make about 35k and 10k of it is taken in taxes. I have no kids so i dont get any “credit” Not just that i get fined for not buying 300 dollar monthly health insurance. So please enlighten me on how if you make 35k or less you dont contribute to taxes.

  2. Nacoga87 says:

    wave some money in our faces to let our guards down then lower the boom on us later … smart republicans smart

  3. James Helms says:

    Stuff like that is normally temporary… they are then modified or renewed. This is deceiving.

  4. sintwoOone says:

    Pre Pay Taxes??? Lmao. Is she crazy?

  5. Aaron Puckett says:

    The U.S is about to go though another economic dollar collapse anyways. 😒 Not if but when.

    • Maclain Hunter says:

      “Going through an economic dollar collapse”??? I’m pretty sure that’s how an economist would say it huh?! Fucking idiot! The dollars value is not a good way to judge the health of our economy…if you just look at the value of currencies that would mean that the UK has a more valuable economy that America which is not even close to the case! You can add or remove currency from circulation to change inflation rates. It’s the GDP (that this tax bill will grow, just the promise of cutting taxes on businesses has made the economy soar) that we need to focus on if we want to have a vibrant economy! Our economy is the largest in the world btw so it’s not good for anyone if our economy isn’t doing well, I wouldn’t be so happy to predict its collapse if I were you, even if that prediction is based on nothing like yours!

    • Maclain Hunter says:

      Yep and I’m in California and I’m for it so dems in fucking Wisconsin and shit need to shut the fuck up about it hurting Californians when it’s californias high taxes that are the problem, not the tax cuts for the rest of the country you moronic assholes!! I hope everyone I know in Cali loses their homes and jobs….maybe it will force them to lower taxes for once and stop enslaving us to this socialist state that’s run by a bunch of San Fran leftists that aren’t even qualified to be lunch ladies!

    • RollOnToVictory says:

      they’ve been saying that since the 1970s

    • American Not American't says:

      Maclain Hunter California hurts it’s own businesses and citizens due to their exponentially high taxes because even with the millions they tax they still end up billions in the hole because they give the money freely away to Illegal immigrants and to social justice man like that’s gonna be worth anything since the cause is total b.s
      Oh yes but a reduction is tax revenue will hurt California because their liberalized economic bracket is so out of control they just need the money to throw in the hole and dig it deeper. I say let California go bankrupt, it will show it not to be like the U.S.S.R and spend money it doesn’t have.

    • I can't believe it's not mold says:

      Confederate Fuck blacks, snowflakes and rats commie your name proves the value of your opinion

  6. Assassin Kitty says:

    Lets see how much faith Trump supporters have when this bill starts to affect them

    • Lane Sax says:

      Almost every Trump Supporter I’ve met actually has a job, so keeping more money in our pockets is not gonna make us mad. This is music to my fucking ears. If your butt hurt about tax cuts, you’re just a bum. Oh no, less money going into Social Security, a program I’ll never be able to use. More money in my pockets so I can plan my own retirement? What ever will we do?

    • Edward Corey says:

      the bill is actually pretty great

    • I can't believe it's not mold says:

      He’s doing a good thing and you’re still complaining?

    • jibbo123 says:

      Assassin Kitty Did you even read the plan or do you just post retarded comments on YouTube?

    • Bryan Jones says:

      Assassin Kitty it’s a good thing so fuck off

  7. Brunnno Malu says:

    Good! thanks Trump by 2025 i will be gone from USA

  8. Omar Gaytan says:

    This is a distraction from net neutrality

  9. Danny Perez says:

    Look at all these economist in the comment section

  10. TheTurtlejohn1977 says:

    And the poor on Medicaid and Medicare will get benefits cuts so the rich can have millions more.

    • Maclain Hunter says:

      You wouldn’t know how to grow an economy if your life was riding on it! Hell your livelihood is riding on our economic growth currently and you sit there bitching about lowering the taxes that have driven our businesses overseas…lumping any business in with “the rich” that like most Jealous leftists your leading a class warfare campaign against even though the rich will pay the highest rate of anyone on their personal income taxes! There’s a difference between businesses taxes and the CEO of that business paying his personal taxes! You conflate the two intentionally so you can try to use that jealousy of the rich to bash this tax plan when really lowering that corporate tax rate will help poor people the most when it brings manufacturing back from China!! If manufacturing built a middle class in china in the last few decades why wouldn’t bringing manufacturing back boat our middle class….ask yourself that question!!!

    • Daniel Kerber says:

      They think the word denotes an negative connotation, unfortunately for them its like the boy who cried wolf. It won’t last much longer given population and demographic trends.

    • Red says:

      The jobs that went overseas were never going to stay and they are never going to come back unless in the form of near complete automation. This bill is allowing the wealthiest in this country to stash away their money and further divest from the country that made them wealthy in the first place. Manufacturing only brings jobs in industrializing nations; the US for decades has had a living standard above that of less developed nations (due to high taxes that built much of our modern infrastructure), and you want to chuck us into the past of high rates of work related illness and death, virtually no minimum wage, air that poisons you with every breath, and high infant mortality… well that last one is already happening in “pro life” RED STATES.

    • Milad Chow says:

      There you said it. “owed more than what society agreed during FDR”. The poor people are not OWED anything. these programs are not sacrosanct. Society DID NOT agree with those programs. Society did not get a voice. We just got used to it. Not to mention, at the time poor people paid their tax. Did not receive refund. It was society collectively paying for its program. But things have changed. We are BROKE. Poor people do not pay their tax anymore. We import MORE poor people from other countries, whose destiny is to be poor and be welfare user for life. And yes, poor people making horrible decision is going to make it hard for them to survive. They choose to have MANY children, children they could not afford. U.S. gov’t chose to allow billions of POOR people into this nation, making it hard for current poor people to survive.

  11. Stephen Sk8well says:

    ABC got it wrong. Do more research.

  12. MrPathorock says:

    Besides tax cut, GOP also cut Medicare, NIH funding, education funding. You will see insurance premier and college tuition further go up, and that little tax money you save won’t even cover it!

    • mr222gaz says:

      MrPathorock according to the U.S department of health and human services the ACA or “obamacare” caused insurance premiums to rise 105% in the 4 years after it passed.

      so no to say private insurance companies caused insurance costs to increase while coverage decreased is a flat out lie.

    • jbm8312 says:

      MrPathorock yeah I’m not going to give the gov’t 60% of my paycheck to get on a 6 month wait list for chemo. Venezuela was used to show if you have gov’t run healthcare and that gov’t can’t pay for it, that is what you get. I would rather have the choice of treatment then have a bureaucrat tell me the cost of the treatment is not worth the 3 yrs added to my lifespan.

    • mr222gaz says:

      jbm8312 in other words “death panels” like the UK has

    • Zhubin Bashiri says:

      MrPathorock funny thing is all their taxes are ridiculously high and due to that everything is doubled the cost,also honey the Nordic utopia you speak of Switzerland has a stick for a military also they homogenous. So go ahead why don’t you move it’s obviously better for you

  13. Four2wenty King says:

    Donald Dump and the RepubliKKKlan party is corrupt trash. Looking forward to impeachment in 2018

  14. Quantisha says:

    Why not keep taxes the same for the wealthy and give tax cuts to the middle class? This will only widen income inequality.

    • Russell Stamey says:

      Why not give everyone the same percentage tax cuts? B/c with the new tax bill, the lower class gets a larger percentage tax cut than the wealthy. The wealthy only get about 2.5% cut and they also have to pay more towards property tax. Sounds like you are getting what you wanted.

    • Adam Wolfe says:

      No, it won’t. Overtaxing the rich is going to weed out competition and mean that only the Walmarts and Wall Streets can survive (usually off of government subsidy and that kind of bullshit). The middle class will grow when companies can afford to hire them, rather than when their employers go bankrupt trying to finance corporations on absurd tax rates that tear business apart.

    • David Vonderhaar says:

      Adam Wolfe hey moron companies will just move abroad and there are countless loops to this day so companies never pay 35% but republicans make it seem like they do.

    • mikeissweet says:

      David Vonderhaar Because large companies use loopholes to pay lower taxes, we shouldn’t lower the taxes for smaller companies that don’t? Good logic

  15. Boss Killa says:

    Trump is a business man, and he’s proving it

    • David Vonderhaar says:

      Boss Killa yea just like all his bankruptcies.

    • Sara Keng says:

      Boss Killa we know he’s a crook businessman. He is a President now. He should not be playing with people’s lives. This is what you called a Modern Age Government Corruption.

    • Boss Killa says:

      Sara Keng My father once told me it’s better for people to think you’re stupid, than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Abd the government has been “corrupt” for ALOT longer than just Trump being in office. Yes, even your idolization of JFK or Bill Clinton has had to lead a “corrupt” government. Also what business man isn’t “crooked”? So as i said earlier about my father you should REALLY take his advice.

    • Mutants and Inhumans Fanboy says:

      Boss Killa That’s a good and bad thing.

    • Sythe5665 says:

      David Vonderhaar Many big businesses have multiple bankruptcies. Trump’s only had around 8 out of around 200 of his businesses.

  16. Budsc1 says:

    I was just told from our payroll department that people will get anywhere from $21-27 more on there pay checks!!! How is this bad??? It might be bad for the ones on food stamps and welfare.

    • Damon Beasley says:

      Budsc1 If is Ok to destroy the entire economy for 100 a month before taxes. I hope you never get sick.

    • Budsc1 says:

      Damon Beasley
      Oh yeah that’s another thing we were told too our insurance for the employees are going down too!!!! Hmmm, think you communist better think again.

    • flap Yack says:

      When you realize that the Federal Reserve is raising the Inflation Rate to 2% next year and another 2% the year after that – you’ll realize that “extra” money is actually nullified because the buying power of the U$D is depreciated by more than your TINY “tax break”. And in 2019 – you’ll actually be in the RED for it. All they did was shuffle the numbers to fool you into thinking you’re getting something.
      And you better believe that Congress is going to use this bill to cut funding to many programs (education, Medicare, Medicaid) to “pay for” the tax cuts. The only people that stand to make money are those that already have millions and don’t rely on a traditional paycheck for income. This isn’t good for us “normies” living paycheck to paycheck.
      Also, if you think that this bill (that was sold as bringing jobs back) is actually going to do that – why aren’t there any provisions, requirements, or clauses forcing companies/corporations to stop outsourcing or Not receive the tax-cuts? This isn’t about getting jobs for Americans – it’s about getting a Return on Investment (ROI) for the “contributors” that paid off these politicians. NO ONE in business would make MILLION dollar investments and not expect to make money on it. These politicians are overwhelmingly MILLIONAIRES and stand to make huge swaths of cash themselves from this tax bill.

      Also, ask your employer what they are actually going to do with THEIR tax-break. Are they giving YOU a raise? Going to hire more people? I bet they are just going to buy back their own stocks to pump up the price.

    • I can't believe it's not mold says:

      Our Economy, inflation will skyrocket

  17. Jordan Fire Star says:

    LOL all these libtards who are suddenly economists

    • Joey Smith says:

      Jordan Fire Star liberals have contributed plenty to this country kid… Get another line already thats old

    • Maclain Hunter says:

      And most of em are on tv

    • Jordan Fire Star says:

      +Joey Smith Like what?

    • Jesse Seale says:

      well, have fun with your taxes increased and crying your “hero” for help. Don’t say I did not warn you

    • Simon Rachou says:

      Jordan Fire Star Liberal accomplishments in the US:Women’s rights, Civil rights, higher wages to workers and less working hours, job unions, medicare for the elderly, healthcare, and winning the space race.

      Conservative accomplishments. The great depression, The cold War, Vietnam, destabilizing the middle east, 2007 recession, and shitty fucking trickle down economics.

  18. AaronFireStar Is Awesome says:

    ABC IS SO FAKE! The’re so biased on so much!

  19. David Vonderhaar says:

    Conservatives are too stupid to realize that there are countless loops corporation do to avoid paying 35% tax. The majority never pay it and pay much less but republicans make it seem as though corporations never get a break.

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