Americans & Russians Swap Snacks

Americans & Russians Swap Snacks

Americans and Russians sat in the same room and traded…snacks.

Gary Guz: @gariksuharik

Thanks to Brighton Bazaar for providing the snacks.


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USA and Russian flag, conflict concept
Veronaa/Getty Images

Gary Cherkassky

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91 Responses

  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    In Soviet Russia, snacks swap you

  2. Megan Phillips says:

    The person who made the comment below mine is awesome ?

  3. Knight Slasher says:

    In Soviet Russia they are *our* snaccs

  4. Ur Destii says:

    Eric is a russian snack

  5. Dasha M says:

    привет to all fellow Russians out there

  6. Friendship says:

    *_In Mother Russia, Snacks swapped Americans and Russians_*

  7. danz beard says:

    I want in on this!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  8. Keila Trevino says:

    I’m just not a fan of this series bc usually the American representatives are really critical and make it a huge competition and it’s lowkey annoying. Celebrate each other’s cultures man! This episode wasn’t too bad but the past ones i can’t watch again lollll

  9. Tiffany Parkhomenko says:

    All the fellow Russians who are watching are like everyone is so dramatic. I love all of these Russian snacks. I would choose them over any of the American snacks.

    • i am cøld says:

      I’ve tried all the snacks in the video, Russian and American, though I would choose Cheetos over everything lol. Im also not a big fan of, I’m not going to try and spell it in English, the cracker-like rings. They just don’t have enough flavor.

    • Maya Madrigal says:

      Tiffany Parkhomenko American snacks aren’t even good

    • Алеся Крутых says:

      +i am cøld it`s sushki, not boobleaky, this guy mistaked a bit. Boobleaky are the big version of sushki. Enjoy Russian ;Ы


      You would choose the fish over Oreos?

    • i am cøld says:

      Алеся Крутых Really, my mom is Russian and she calls them the same thing??

  10. myhearteuhasgot7bangtanboys says:

    Надо было пивко дать под тараночку

  11. Silver Glitter says:

    The thing is that….pretzels or Brenzeln (Original) are german…

  12. Equally Productive says:

    (Семечки)sunflower seeds are the true Slav snack ???

  13. Yanina Aulasevich says:

    Pls make a part 2 of it! I recommended you to try zefir (they’re like mussel shaped marshmallows covered in chocolate), chocolate waffer candy, kompot, fancy looking butter cookies,…

  14. Eric Tabach says:

    Who do you think won?

  15. Abel Sini says:

    Who else clicked on this because of Eric?

  16. Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos says:

    Well, I guess Russian snacks are a bit more health-friendly compared to American (like the fish with no sugar or other additives). But what is good for you is usually not as delicious… So, depends on what you prefer ?

  17. Musically yours Катрин x СоёнПак says:

    3:14 Yeah! Сырок wins over twinkies by a long shot

  18. Jennifer Biana says:

    being russian myself, this vid kinda made me feel bad about our snacks ?

    • Nicole Fer says:

      Jennifer Biana the guy was being way to rude in my opinion like if you dont like ok you dont like it doesnt mean you should exaggerate and disrespect what another culture likes

    • Till Death Do us Apart says:

      TheThelorac russian snacks over almost all snacks dude, sernichki for life

    • Impossible Fortnite says:

      Don’t worry it’s ok how you feel because I’m the exact same.

      Translation into Russian: не волнуйся это нормально я знаю что ты чувствуешь потому что я точно такой жe.

      Translation into Ukrainian: не хвилюйтеся це добре я знаю як ви себе почуваєте тому що я такий самий.

    • Impossible Fortnite says:

      TheThelorac you have no idea but I’m also Ukrainian which is sad because I’m Russian and Ukrainian and they are both in war. 🙁

    • Anthony Hernandez says:

      He literally wasnt rude at all, i didnt know russians were so sensitive

  19. stella _ says:

    Eric pretending that he is eating an Oreo for the first time in his entire life…

  20. Nono Ly says:

    “Americans and Russians swap snacks” Its weird because when I watch this video I just feel like its just americans sharing snacks and they are pretending not knowing the american snacks like “so these are Oreos” bro everybody knows what oreos are so its a discovery just on one side the Russian snacks you should just put the title “Trying Russian snacks” but whatever I sound like a snob but I’m not it was just to disturbing for me??

    • claudia arias says:

      Exactly what I thought. I was like how do they not know what they are yet they live here? ?

    • Brooke London says:

      YESSSS Omg I was literary going to through the comments waiting for somebody to comment this.

    • jeffrey mcatee says:

      yeah the may be russian but they eat these foods more if they live here

    • Hetalian6259 says:

      Oreos are worldwide and my family lives in East Europe right next to Russia, and ik for a fact Oreos, Snickers, and other snacks like these are sold there too. Its impossible for them to not have tried these lol (I could understand the Cheetos thing tho. They don’t eat cheetos or Doritoes as far as I know)

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