Americans soak up sun on beaches as coronavirus death toll nears 100,000

Americans soak up sun on beaches as coronavirus death toll nears 100,000

Americans sunbathed on beaches and strolled on boardwalks over Memorial Day weekend even as the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic neared 100,000.


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76 Responses

  1. LGKids says:

    Another thing I have learned from this period and time, is that warnings, mean nothing to some people! Peace!

    • Dab King says:

      @Son of Tiamat wow you are dull. Can you not shout fake news for a second and actually look at what he was pointing out? It’s well known that it wasn’t from CNN but from the CDC themselves and they admitted to under-reporting.

    • J C Denton says:

      @Son of Tiamat What a hypocrite. An NPC calling others NPCs. It’s sad to see America fall so hard.

    • Son of Tiamat says:

      @J C Denton Says the guy using a meme avatar and a meme name. You just go along with herd, don’t ya?

    • Son of Tiamat says:

      @Dab King Ok Karen

    • Michael Ferraro says:

      Mad Man you mean controlled opposition media

  2. Peanut brittle manz30 says:

    It’s all fun and games until one person cough’s

  3. Call Me Yamato says:

    Everybody gangsta till someone coughs.

  4. David E says:

    Well, her claim “God got me”, is somewhat open to interpretation, so I have to give her that.

    • *sxft pïnk* says:

      God: nah I don’t got you

    • Edgy Wagy says:

      Yes, a special God for white, fat and ignorant people

    • Mr. E says:

      Maybe her God is the God of this world, who is the devil.

    • Seth Last Name says:

      neovirtuality most of them were already old af or had underlying health issues. People die, most of us wont even feel the affects of the coronavirus

    • Andrew Milburn says:

      Not really. It just means “God is in control of my life.” Living in fear of this virus is living by the world’s herded mentality by the media. When you start putting faith in God you quickly realize Just how goofy all this is and completely used as a tool for fear.

  5. I Sexually Identify As A Tetrahedron says:

    The virus can’t kill anyone if there isn’t anyone to kill.

  6. Dorime Rat says:

    why does the background looks polluted

  7. PRIBILOVIAN says:

    You guys need this blunt more than I do 👌🌬 here, pass it along!

  8. Lunar Eclipse says:

    “I believe Gods got me”

    In order for God to help you, you need to help yourself.

    • Cuck ButtFurd says:

      @kim w *Well Karen, Since I wasn’t talking to you, you don’t have a point with me…For I know that “God helps those that help themselves”, is nowhere to be found in any Bible.* 🐸👌😷

    • Lunar Eclipse says:

      @kim w i never quoted the bible KAREN. its my opinion, so dont go calling me a liar. thats a lie.

    • Tim James says:

      no shit

    • Rainman says:

      True, true…

    • Mary Mclocke says:

      +Lunar Eclipse — Hey THIS ~~>
      In order for God to help you, you need to help yourself.
      *is NOWHERE in the Bible* It is something people like you say who think you know what God says about anything. Open a Bible.
      Jesus’ return is imminent. Seek Christ as your Savior, else you will see FAR worse than this!

  9. # Cube Life 2nd Channel says:

    bruh don’t interview the karen’s

  10. GayGay Abrams says:

    *person coughs in the corner*

    Everyone: ah shit, here we go again.

  11. Raphael Ferrero says:

    0:47 lady in red level 45 Karen has been spotted

    • Cuck ButtFurd says:

      *I spotted a ton of Karens in this comment section bitching & moaning about those folks enjoying their freedom on a beach.*

      *Yes, I would like to speak to the manager of the CORONA VIRUS!”-KAREN* 👀🐸👌😷

    • justinrockmusic says:

      can someone tell me where this Karen term came from? been seeing a lot of it lately

    • Scoobyxxxsnax says:

      I like how these people think they’re immune 😂

    • Son of Tiamat says:

      @Scoobyxxxsnax I like how you let the government dictate what you should be afraid of

    • Seamus says:

      Karen’s are the ones screaming at you to put a mask on silly

  12. Meiling Liang says:

    no, cause I believe god got me. DAMFOOL

  13. Juliano says:

    “I believe God’s got me.”
    God: “So you have chosen death.”

    • Nestor Cuero says:

      Terri a lot of the news is twirsted fox cnn msnbc all is for profit I’d rather rely on the Bible and doctors n nurses my sister when you have plumbing issues do u seek advice from a carpenter? Or a plumber ? When your sick do u go to a hospitals or do u go to family . God gives ppl skills and education . Hygiene is mostly what we must do clean your hands before and after your eat , constantly we all must do I’m flawed to sometimes I have to catch myself what I’m doing . What we eat m let’s treat each other whether love n leave pride n who behind

    • picktowinCV says:

      @Cuck ButtFurd funny how the little fella feels his statements have to be written in bolder print than the rest of us, as if……well, it’s kinda like the guy who drives the truck with the huge tires, you know, to make up for “something”……….

    • Cuck ButtFurd says:

      @picktowinCV *Karen, are you really so slow & triggered, that you had to type all that chit, just to make a dik joke…Talk about a long trip to well & coming back with a dry bucket.* 🐸👌

    • Aesthetic Medic says:

      @Naveed well the vast majority of them were over 70 so statisticly she’s at a pretty low risk

    • bidmcms3 says:

      Naveed those 100,000 people went beyond average life expectancy and passed away, like everyone else will at that point in life.

  14. The Last UFO X -hunter says:

    Obesity Got you….

  15. joy joy says:

    her : “god got me”
    corona to god : ” god can i have this one?”

  16. Sisi Zhang says:

    Y’all gotta be kidding me.

  17. Nick says:

    “I believe God’s got me”
    So did the preacher that said Covid wasn’t real. He’s dead.
    So did the other preacher that said he’d gather and pray regardless because he had God on his side. He’s dead.
     So did the preacher who believed God gave him the power to lay hands on the sick and cure them. He’s dead.

    Go ahead and keep it up. You’re just allowing Covid to do the rest of us a favor and cull the herd of its lowest common denominator.

  18. Ed T. says:

    Maybe this is how god is implementing the rapture.

  19. Righteous Indignation says:

    A reverse scene from Jaws: Someone coughs and everyone stampedes into the water.

  20. Bidibidi Bombom says:

    “Meet the Karen’s” coming this fall at a theater near you.

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