Among Us CallMeKevin gets hit by car again

Among Us CallMeKevin gets hit by car again


Music by CallMeKevin
here is the video where i got the audio from:

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33 Responses

  1. Sxlem says:


  2. ThatRose925 says:

    Broooo why you gotta do him like that

  3. Konnor Chicken says:

    Don’t let Kevin find out

  4. Noelia Gonzalez says:

    Él color gris y rojo no lo usen esta maldito

  5. MadMarie’s Madness says:

    I like the first version of this Song oooooh Jonny cash can sing

  6. Loke Eriksson says:

    Top ten saddest anime deaths

  7. Indah Mutahira says:

    R.I.P Kevin ????-????

  8. Maerose Craine says:

    You poor Jim, i-i-I mean Kevin….ya totally

  9. Nathalie Markstein says:

    This is going to haunt him forever xD

  10. Killmonger says:

    Kevin McAllister

  11. BIRD MASK says:

    This video it’s get edit.

  12. Jaxon Jacobs says:

    I like Johnny cash

  13. Tiago Costa says:

    Really, kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  14. LemonCardboard says:

    Where’s codfish and fliqua?

  15. serla _ says:

    tina needs this mod

  16. Felipe gamer 323 says:

    Pessoal sabia que já lançou o novo Among Us tipo o chapéu é tudo🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😀

  17. Cole Neilsen says:

    Oh man this got a good laugh outta me

  18. Your local lawn mower says:

    My laugh will arrive in to 4-5 buissnes days

  19. Spyke says:

    How is an 18 second video top 10 trending

  20. Jonathan Markovich says:

    you got on trending…

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