Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor | Cartoon Animation

Among Us Logic: The Return of Novisor | Cartoon Animation

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Novisor is back with a vengeance. Somehow he was able to escape the Skeld and made his way to Player, Mr. Cheese and the rest of the crewmates at MIRA HQ. No one is safe when this ghostly impostor is around…

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30 Responses

  1. Woken says:

    Noooo novisor is back

  2. EJR Adventures says:

    I want a full length horror movie with all the characters. Can we start a petition for this?

  3. Shyguy 64 says:

    You’ve unlocked: The Bad Ending

  4. Владимир Громовой says:

    Ria:everyone knows that he’s just an urban legend.
    Novisor:YO WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. Carly BS says:

    3:55 Dude, that smile is scary, looks like the smile that puts my friends when they tell a horror story…

    or to look stupid

  6. The Derp Boys says:

    When Mr.Cheese was crying I thought that it was sadder than the movie “IT”.

  7. Kieran Gaming says:

    Gentleman should of turned a different colour eventually since novisor is black

  8. Steven Young says:

    Fall guys logic 1: I’m not your friend
    Among us logic 21: sleeping in the same bed

  9. Dimitris Louk says:

    Theory 1: Veteran as a simple ghost comes and rescues Player and the other crewmates.
    Theory 2: Veteran as a simple ghost finishes his tasks and Novisor disappears forever.

  10. Luna Loony Lovegood says:

    I’m impressed with how they took a harmless, fun game and brought an entire horror story out of it 😂😂

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