Amtrak Crash: 2 dead, at least 70 injured in S Carolina

Amtrak Crash: 2 dead, at least 70 injured in S Carolina

Two were killed and at least 70 injured when an Amtrak passenger train traveling from New York to Miami derailed after hitting a goods train in South Carolina. Local authorities gave an early morning press conference describing the inciden.

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47 Responses

  1. Karen Barker says:

    Terrible audio.

  2. Buch says:

    enough with these train conspirators. 70 people injured and 2 dead. This is tragic.

  3. Ms. 8of11 says:

    Prayers and condolences to all the families involved*

  4. Judge Dredd says:

    This is another Antifa job. Antifa has been doing this for a while now

  5. Barbara Barnes says:

    Bad sound

  6. Trevor Beard says:


  7. Peter Dykes says:

    Utter incompetence. Amtrak is worse than India with accident after accident.The Japanese Shinkasen has NEVER had an accident in 50 years and their trains travel at twice the speed. The French have never had an accident. Taiwan never. Korea never. China, which has a vast network of high speed trains only one accident. Disgraceful.

    • ImaginaryHuman072889 says:

      this has nothing to do with incompetence, and everything to do with money. the government controls the railroad in many european and asian countries, as opposed to being privately owned in the US. practically unlimited funding from the government of course means that the systems will be more advanced and safer. actually US companies provide alot of the systems for these amazingly expensive and advanced railroad systems you hear about overseas, so it has nothing to do with the US being incompetent, just that railroads have no money to improve their already outdated systems. PTC is an unfunded federal mandate. only a few railroads in the country have PTC on a few of their lines because of the extreme cost and no one wants to pick up the tab.

    • dee bee says:

      But they said Asians can’t drive lol. Two big Amtrak incidents in less than one month.

    • phuck ewe says:

      Reminds me of that joke……..
      “China Airlines – You’ve seen us drive…..Now watch us fry!”

    • masamune2984 says:

      True. I will say that while I have enjoyed my Amtrak experience here in America, it was nowhere NEAR as great as my experiences on trains in France and Switzerland. And to the OPs point, the Shinkansen trains have an even better track record, so yeah…I agree all around with Amtrak and americas train industry needing MAJOR overhauls 🙂

  8. Farewell Atlas says:

    Was it the phantom theives?

  9. That V Man says:

    Amtrak needs to get their act together 😡

  10. iscreamman guy says:

    Who else is watching this live?

  11. Michelle Stepp says:

    Strange suddenly trains are on the same track… How did that happen?? There is a bigBIG ERROR IN SCHEDULE !!

  12. James McKenna says:

    amtrack should just shutdown for 6 months and check out all these systems on the lines how can they still be in operation and not care about any of these tragic stories I’ve never rode amtrack but now I never will nor will anyone in my family this is unacceptable and I hope it comes back on whoever keeps the wheels turning and not solving the problem like we say here in Texas COWBOY UP!!!

  13. Chuck Maurice says:

    Its still a bad accident, what went wrong they will find in due time.

  14. THarrison004 says:

    The quality of the news is really going down hill,we can barely hear them.

  15. Dena Walters says:

    Very suspicious.

  16. Robert Wells says:

    Prayers to all those that are involved

  17. Rusty Debier says:

    This is the deep stake at work, this was no accident.

    • Eliza M. says:

      Rusty Debier You mean lack of government regulation and not putting money toward infrastructure.

    • Largo Angolo says:

      I’ll agree with that notion when talking about the collision a few days ago – I fail to see how this would benefit the deep state in any way though… Would please you elaborate?

  18. Geischfelt says:

    Remember in 2016 when Amtrak lobbied away its responsibilities to install speed trackers and other safety measures that would have, without a doubt, stopped almost ALL of the recent derailments Amtrak has had? I do. How many bodies have to pile up before we start holding them accountable?

  19. Rojoe Casey says:

    It seems like Amtrak has a crash every other week. I will NEVER EVER take an Amtrak train. They need to be shut down, indefinitely..

  20. Vincent Clark says:

    alot of train crashes going on

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